Stop everything you’re doing: There’s a Dachshund Cafe coming to Cardiff

If this doesn’t get you through your exams then nothing will

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So we all love cute puppies, there's no denying that. But imagine being surrounded by a room full of cute Dachshund puppies dressed up and drinking 'Puppiccino'!!!

On the 15th June, Cardiff's Revolution is hosting the 'Dachshund Pup Up Cafe' which is an event run by Pup Up Cafe. It's safe to say they definitely had Cardiff students' best interests in mind as the event happens soon after the exam season ends. What better way to celebrate the end of Uni than a cuddle with a sausage dog?

It's a chance to mingle with little sausage dogs – and if you have your own you can take them along so they can make some pup friends!

A photographer will be at hand snapping away the most adorable photos you can imagine. And just when you thought it couldn't get better, there's a competition for the best dressed pup. I'm not sure our hearts will be able to take this.

Aside from the cuteness of the event, there are practical perks too. The event is wheelchair friendly and drinks are available throughout the day. Additionally, there will be food served from 12pm onwards.

So don't waste any more time, tickets are available here.

Featured image: Tam Tam from Shizuoka, JAPAN