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Multiple cars are being broken into around Cathays

Multiple break-ins have been reported on Woodville Road

Several cars in Cathays have been broken into during the past two weeks. The incidents have happened across Cathays, with multiple break-ins reported down Woodville Road, May Street, Tewksbury Street, Coburn Street, Letty Street and Llanishen Street.

Many of the victims of the break-ins are students from Cardiff University and Cardiff Met. They have been left with smashed car windows and many of their belongings stolen. There has been more than five incidents in the area reported in the past couple of weeks.

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One girl had her back window smashed and her gym bag, makeup and shoes stolen

Aidan Crofton, who lives in Cathays had his car broken into last week at 11pm in the Woodville Road area. His bag, laptop and important work documents were stolen from the vehicle. The documents were later found in May Street where there has been other car break-ins.

Aidan told The Cardiff Tab: "It's annoying that I've lost so much money just from keeping a few bits in my car one evening. I don't feel the safest in the area anymore.

"I informed the police of the incident and they asked around the area for witnesses and checked for CCTV, but nothing was found and so they've dropped the incident."

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Aidan's car after being broken into

Meanwhile, Hannah Rowland, who studies at Cardiff University also had her windows smashed on her car overnight. The front window was smashed and the thieves climbed through her car to access the boot. Money and alcohol was stolen.

Hannah has told The Cardiff Tab: "They literally rummaged through everything. I've had to claim on my insurance and pay excess to get my car fixed by Autoglass.

"The police didn't do much as there wasn't any CCTV and the forensic team were in touch but there wasn’t anything they could assess either. I think this is why these crimes are happening so much, as the thieves are getting away with it so they’re just doing it more and more."

Police have been informed of these incidents by those affected and have been contacted by The Cardiff Tab for a statement.