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Pryzm Kingston is the tragedy of Surrey that we love to hate

Cheeky Dallas after?

Ah Pryzm, they're dotted all around the country but none are quite like Pryzm Kingston. Kingston is barely a Uni town so during term time it's pretty empty but when we all return for the holidays, student night really takes off. You're bound to bump into half your friends from secondary school and spend the night dancing to Mamma Mia tunes with them in Cheese Room. But what is it about Pryzm Kingston that we love to hate?

Tun across the road

Pres then Tun. It's a ritual as old as time. Never has there been such a conveniently placed Spoons, you can literally stumble out of Tun and in to the Pryzm queue. You can even keep an eye on the growing queue from Tun so you know when it's prime time to leave.

Security checks like you're getting on a plane

Never have I ever been to a club and been searched, said no one who has been to Pryzm Kingston. They check your ID, then someone else checks and scans your ID, then you empty your pockets into a plastic bowl which gets searched and then you walk through a security scan like the ones at airports. If you're really unlucky you then also get patted down. Clearly the folks of Kingston are not trusted

The cramped smoking area

Not enough space, too many people. No one has a lighter or a filter and you end up asking 15 people for one. Everyone makes a lot of friends in smoking areas regardless of whether they smoke. Everyone there is just very sociable and when you're all so close together it's a great time to say hi and introduce yourself.

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Do you have a lighter? Let's get a pic

The grand staircase

You can't miss it. It's huge and grand, completely non fitting with the rest of the club.

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Me feeling like a queen after coming down the staircase

The balcony in cheese room

A great place to try and spot your pals on the dance floor. Also a great spot to spy on fitties from above. Large chunks of the night are spent there by people who are too drunk, have lost all their friends or both.

The songs in cheese room

Only here will you listen to Shania Twain and everyone, with no shame, will sing it.

All your pals in one place

It's reunion central. Your ex from year 5, your best friend from Maths Year 11 and your friend of a friend's cousin who you barely know. By the end of the night you'll have caught up with all of them and probably organised to go out again together next week.

The photographer

This guy is there without fail every Wednesday and he's the sweetest. You get to check your photo and he'll take another if you don't like it. We love you babes.

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Isn't he cute

Dallas at the end of the night

The highlight of the night. Chicken and chips mmm, it always tastes best at 2am on a Thursday on the side of the road in Kingston.

See you in Pryzm at Easter then pals