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Calling all cramped Cathays residents: Do you have the best box room in Cardiff?

With a trendy tapestry you can make anything look good

During your first year, it's destined you'll live in a box room with an inevitable side order of mould, damp and perhaps some pet silverfish. Second year comes around and you dread pulling the short straw of getting the box room in your new 'swanky' Cathays pad.

No matter what the agency tells you, there's always one.

*Shudders at the thought of a Talybont box room*

However unlucky you feel, if you live in the box room and have made the most out of it we want to know- your pokey room could in fact be crowned Cardiff's best box room.

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If you think your box room is worthy of this prestigous title then send pictures to us on Facebook or by Email: [email protected]