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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette – The Semi Final

Too many girls

There were so many girls we had to hold a semi final to decide the final! Here we have four of the most eligible bachelorettes from the five rounds as voted for by you. They include a fancy dress fanatic, a mountain streaker, a life drawer looking for her model and a gal who gets loose at Live Lounger. Vote for your finalists at the end of the article.

Kat Buck, final year French and German

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The only one of our semi finalists to get over 50 per cent of the votes, Kat's fancy dress antics clearly made a strong impression. Multilingual Kat is one of just 25 students to hold the yearly membership to JUICE and knows the YOLO playlist off by heart. Underneath her many costumes, Kat has a heart of gold. Does she have your heart?

Anisa Gallagher, Second year Politics

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Gap yah gal Anisa loves a yellow VK and a good old curry. Despite enjoying streaking through snowy mountains, Anisa's friends say she is classy, sassy and never turns down a cheeky VK in the SU. Question is would you turn her down for the final?

Ruby Griffin, Second year Medicine

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Thumbs up for Ruby who has successful slid into the semi final. Ruby is an SU gal who is looking for a Cathays catch as anyone more than a while away is too much effort. Also helps if they don't mind being naked as Ruby has recently completed a life drawing class… could this medic be a doctor of luuurve?

Milly Wright, Second year International Business Management

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Four minutes to get ready, a drinker of anything and a fan of Live Lounge. What more could you want in a girl? Whilst Milly does not have many cooking skills, she makes up for it with her great sense of sarcasm and her laid back attitude of all of her uni assignments only being worth four per cent.

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