Eat any of these healthy library snacks and you’ll probably get a first

Leave the Monster Munch in 2002

It’s the new year, and that means one thing: exams.

You’re back at university, and the library looks even more dull than it did when you left. But it’s going to be your home for the next few weeks throughout exam season. The surroundings may not be very motivating, but if you take the right snacks and invest in some nutritional supermarket cuisine, you’ll be on your way to reviving a productive exam brain.

Here are some of the best revision snacks which will stimulate your exam brain, and boost the effectiveness of your revision.

Houmous and carrot sticks

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Can anyone actually get through uni without houmous?

The protein in the chickpeas will contribute to growing more brain cells, and the lemon juice in the houmous is full of antioxidants, which will help prevent you from getting any colds and a fuzzy brain during one of the most important times of the year.

Also, everyone knows carrots help your vision. So after eating a few carrot sticks, there’s no excuse to lose concentration and nap after suffering eye strain mid-revision.


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Sushi is the perfect revision snack, which can be snapped up easily from the local Tesco before a major revision binge at the library.

Popular sushi fish, such as salmon and tuna, contain lots of omega three fats. These are vital, as they contribute to maintaining a healthy brain function, and can improve stress levels. Meanwhile the rice provides the energy needed to stay awake after staring at a 56 page article for the past two hours.


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Whether it’s peanuts, pistachios, almonds or cashews, nuts contain lots of vitamin E which is vital in helping to maintain a healthy brain function. They also contain omega three, so if you don’t like fish or you’re a veggie, nuts should be your go to. Bonus is, Nutella probably contains these qualities too, so why not bring a tub of it to the library??


Ok so you may feel like a rabbit if you munch on seeds, but they’re really beneficial for memory building. The high zinc levels in pumpkin seeds in particular help enhance memory, whilst the magnesium contributes to reducing stress levels.

You get extra brownie points if you eat chia seeds because they contain more of that good stuff, omega three.

Cheese strings

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They got you through your year six SATs, so why wouldn’t they power you through your final year dis?

Rice cakes

Danny relied on them for the Mr Cumbria competition which he had to be super motivated for. So trust me when I say rice cakes will give you a productive exam brain. Rice is a carb and a carb is energy so will stimulate your brain, right?


Apples contain antioxidents which prevent disease and should keep you healthy and energised during the exam period. Some studies, such as that carried out by the US Apple Association, have also claimed that apples can help improve memory. The next time you get a meal deal, have an apple instead of a packet of crisps, even though there’s probably a slim chance of that actually happening.

Any carbalicious delight from Lidl bakery

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If your uni doesn’t have a Lidl then you’re missing out. But if you’re lucky enough to know exactly what Lidl bakery means, then get there asap. Any wholegrain bready delights will provide you with the essential energy you need for a 10 hour revision sesh. The tomato and pesto focaccia also contains various nutritional elements (mainly from the tomatoes) that will improve brain function. However, if you need a sudden energy boost, head straight for the sugary donuts.

Greggs sausage roll

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You’ll be so buzzed about diving in to the golden flakey roll, that you’ll stay alert enough to power your way through any revision. Greggs is a massive mood booster and will increase your serotonin levels just before you get stressed over revision again.

Strongbow Dark Fruit

Ok so this isn’t a snack but it’s a fave bevvy amongst us all. Some people do claim to have enhanced abilities when they’re slightly tipsy, however, Dark Fruits is on this list because it is black current flavour and black currents are known to reduce anxiety and stress. Then again a can of Strongbow can probs do that too.

Whether you’re chomping on carrot sticks or devouring your way through a Tesco meal deal, choose the right revision snack for you and make sure it’s at least got one justifiable health benefit.