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Being single during the festive period is actually the best

All by myseeeeeelf, I wanna be all by myself

Ice skating couples, loved up mini breaks to Lapland and matching his and hers scarfs are the epitome of the festive season. No matter where you look, everyone seems to have been tied down during Cuffing Season. If your loved up friend isn't boring you with a description of the extravagant gifts they've bought their significant other, then they'll probably be flaking out of your plans last minute, to have a cosy night in 'watching' Home Alone.

As annoying as couples may be around the festive season, us singletons often wish we had someone to visit Winter Wonderland with, or someone to buy us that £85 coat from Zara. However, that aside, when it comes down to it, being single in the festive period is actually better than being in a relationship, and here's why:

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When you're single so you can be festive and extra by yourself

You will definitely have more money to treat yo self

Imagine having to part with over £100, just to get a few items of clothing for baes Christmas present and to fund that romantic night away in somewhere 'cute' like Edinburgh. No thanks.

Being single is obviously a bonus during the festive season, when you can spend your money getting sloshed on mulled wine and on heaps of new clothes for those annual Christmas parties. Dress to impress and have a good time.

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You can enjoy good quality vino

You also won't have to face being devastated when bae gets you the wrong present

Being single means you won't have the extra expectation of receiving an amazing gift and being gravely disappointed when you don't get what you wanted. Imagine wanting a perfectly wrapped necklace and receiving a Joni Mitchell CD.

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Yeah us singletons will never be seen pulling this sour face

You don't have to spend time awkwardly 'meeting the family' either

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If you wanted to rekindle with bae after the perfect first three months of being at uni together, you'd probably have to face visiting them at home and meeting their family. No one needs that kind of stress in their lives, especially if they've got a really annoying sibling at home.

As a singleton, you can go home, spend time with friends and not worry about any commitments- you definitely don't have to worry about what your family will think of your new life partner.

Why go on a couples mini break to Verbier when you can get merry on mulled wine with your crew

Seriously, what sounds more fun? A £500 weekend in France, attempting to ski, whilst trying to look good in your North face puffer jacket in front of bae. Or a night at the German market with your mates, chugging down mugs of beer, riding on the big wheel and not taking ice skating seriously.

Your bruises will remind you of the amazing time you had x.

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You can hog all the duvet, eat in your own bed and watch whatever movies you want to

Winter is too cold to be sharing a duvet, you need all the heat you can get as an important means of survival. You also need a good nights sleep to be able to bring yourself to wake up on the cold, dark mornings – hence why you need that double bed to yourself.

Being single at this time of year isn't too bad either, when you can decide exactly which Christmas movies you want to watch without being judged, no one's going to stop you. You can also eat all of the snacks in your cupboard to yourself and no one, apart from you can get annoyed about you getting crumbs in the bed.

You can scoff your face till your hearts content – without feeling judged

Fair dos, there are many couples who share a love of food and constantly binge on takeaways together. However, there are others with more awkward relationships, where both parties fear looking too greedy in front of the other.

As a singleton, you don't have to go through the torturous stress of debating whether to have another Quality Street green triangle – where your heart screaming yes but your head's saying no and it takes ten minutes to decide whether to gorge on another one. You can literally eat the whole box of Celebrations to yourself and no one would know, or judge you.

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Pile on dem roasties

You can wear big pants and no one will know

If you're gonna gorge, you may as well do it properly. You don't have to wear nice lacy pants around the festive season, especially not on Christmas day, when the only baby you'll be having is a food baby. You need those big granny pants for support, and no one's gonna guess you're wearing them when you're showcasing a relatively flat stomach after three courses and a ton of Jacobs crackers.

Single Pringles really are winning the festive season.