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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette: Round Three

This bunch does not disappoint

Three is apparently the magic number so in round three we have some fabulous bachelorettes. A Tab fan, a Fiji volunteer who also likes fishcakes, a multilingual Blonde Bombshell and a gap yah gal who has a passion for yellow VK's. Vote for your fave at the end of the article.

Ana Hosty, First year English Literature, Journalism and Media

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Her friend nominated her with the words "as you can see, she's pretty enough to have a queue of guys after her, yet she always sticks with me". If that isn't friendship I don't know what it is. Ana is a big fan of The Tab and we like to look after our own so here she is. Ana loves her girls nights and says "no matter what happens, us girls stick together." Her friends would love her to win because she has a lot of stress from studying Joint Honours (I feel u babe) and seeing herself on The Tab would make her day.

Emma Wagstaff , Third year Human Geography

Emma is looking for someone to settle down with having previously being unlucky in love. She enjoys long walks around Bute park, loves to train her triceps in the gym (but not Abs) and can't resist a strongbow dark fruit at the Woody. Like us all, Emma has found herself caught in the trap of rugby, football and cricket boys but she is looking to change things up. Emma just wants someone to enjoy a good fishcake and Diet Coke with.

She spent the summer volunteering in Fiji, teaching young children and jumping into rivers. As a human geographer, her dissertation is nearly done so she will have a lot of free time to get the ball(s) rolling.

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Zoe Eckersley, Second year Politics and International Relations

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This Blonde (now brunette) Bombshell has been making waves around Cathays with her witty personality and Northern charm. When Zoe isn't studying for her IR degree alongside learning both Spanish and French (the language of love) she is showing off her pole moves or nerding out to superheroes on Netflix. But don’t panic, she’s not all “Netflix and chill” being from Manchester means she knows how to party and she’ll be happy to tell all you "southerners" that you’re not doing it right. This busy gal needs a (gender neutral term) that can keep up with her both intellectually and physically because she walks quicker than most people can run.

Anisa Gallagher, Second year Politics

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Her friends say she should win because she's sassy, classy and never turns down a cheeky VK in the SU. They have no doubts she will slither into the final and all the boys hearts. Anisa's favourite VK is "yellow" and she is also a gap yah girl who enjoyed streaking through snowy mountains on this yah. If Anisa's happy go lucky attitude doesn't sell you on her, her curry making skills sure will.

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