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It’s revolutionary: The Taf are now selling mulled VK

Deck the halls with six VK’s, tra la la la la…

You now have an excuse to drink even more VK's, as this Festive season The Taf will be selling their special mulled glasses of VK.

The hot glasses of everyone's fave bevvy are being sold at just £3.

Dark cherry is tipped to be the most common mulled flavour as it already carries festive vibes, and it's pretty hard to imagine a hot blue VK.

Mulled VK now selling in the Taf! Nothing says Christmas more than a cup of hot VK 😂 Only £3 for a glass of pure festive spirit and joy!

Posted by The Taf on Monday, December 4, 2017

However, some who have been lucky enough to try the new novelty drink have been disappointed by its taste, claiming it feels too weird drinking the sweet nectar warmed up.

Whether you end up liking mulled VK or not, it's definitely something to cross off your Cardiff bucket list.

I mean what could be better than a warm VK on a cold winter's night?