We’re now able to get into YOLO from 8pm

Pres start at 5pm btw

Following the chaos on Wednesday the 11th of October due to high volumes of students queuing for YOLO, clubs and societies will now be able to get in on Wednesdays from 8pm if they pre-book. This is one of the many changes that Cardiff Student's Union have announced they'll be making.

In order to further prevent long queues and turning people away, a spokesperson for the SU has also stated that YOLO will be open from 9pm for everyone else, who isn't part of a club or society.

Additionally, they have announced that those who can't get into Y Plas due to it being full capacity, will be allowed to go to The Taf. Anyone who's in The Taf will then be offered the chance to go over to Y Plas at 1am for free.

Every YOLO Wednesday since the start of term has seen Y Plas full to it's capacity, which has resulted in many being turned away from the SU after 11pm- despite queuing for a considerable amount of time before then.

The SU stated that they have implemented these new changes, in response to these issues that students have been facing; particularly after a large number were turned away on Wednesday night.

Furthermore, they have also addressed the issues with the current queuing system and have stated that:

"The popularity of the YOLO events that have taken place so far this academic year has been unprecedented. Since Wednesday night, we have undertaken extensive work to review the incident and to ensure management of event queues will improve in the future".

If these new changes implemented by the SU are successful, then Wednesday nights will be a lot less stressful.

Hitting the lash at 8pm and probably getting home at midnight could particularly benefit those who have a 9am to wake up for on Thursday morning.

Those who don't, and are part of a society who pre-books can look forward to enjoying seven hours of VKs. Everyone else will have just have to settle for getting in at 9pm.