Every tragic part of your Cardiff SU night out

You promised yourself this time would be different

Whether you're an enthusiastic fresher or a third year clinging onto your youth, the SU brings us all together on a Lashy Wednesday or a Loosey Juicey Saturday. When our drunk personas emerge, it becomes evident that we're not so different after all. Let's face it, we're all as equally tragic and messy as each other.

Cutting some shapes on the overcrowded dancefloor

Sometimes you are just so dedicated to the sesh that you are the first one to throw some drunken shapes on the dance floor. Plus, you didn't have to queue for UV paint and you get first pick of the inflatables. Maybe it was because you didn't want to queue for your first drink. Maybe you were having pre’s in the Taf after lectures and it seemed like the best thing to do. Or maybe you were at the full moon party and only felt it right to see it out the whole way through… Either way, no one can stop you from taking advantage of having the most room one can possibly have in the SU.

Losing all your friends and being adopted into a new group

You’ve just necked another shot and can barely see, then all of a sudden your friends have ditched you because their course-mate has rocked up. Not to worry, cause you've probably managed to stumble into the Lodge and fallen into a booth of lovely new people who you’ve now added on every form of social media you have. You’ll never see them again but you’re now sworn best friends and will always share this precious moment together. Aren’t drunk people the best!

Bulk-buying the sweet nectar

Are you even a student if you don't like VKs? By the time you’ve been elbowed a million times trying to fight through the crowd around the bar, you can only think of one solution – buy as many drinks as you can hold so you don't have to come back to the bar. And why not drink them simultaneously too! You could save one for after the first drink but then you have to hold it and you need your hands to dance so it’s only logical.

Obligatory bathroom selfie break

One for the girls who travel as a pack; the bathroom selfie is a must. Because really where else are you going to find better lighting before you turn into a wreck and can no longer control your facial muscles long enough to smile with your eyes open?

Avoiding the one night stand

You pulled them on the weekend and now you see him across the bar on Wednesday and you're not drunk enough for that encounter. So you have to result to fighting your way into the middle of the dance floor to camouflage yourself in the sea of people trying to force you back out.

Is that a banger I hear?

Is that what I think it is? Oh yes, the squad’s jam is starting and you have to scream at the top of your lungs to notify everyone that you're about to perform some lyrical art. Did you know I could rap? Well you do now!

Falling to your death down the SU steps

Why we have to climb down the Mount Olympus of steps to get out I will never know, but getting down to column road without twisting an ankle in your platform heels is like undergoing the Iron Man challenge. Your friends might all link arms in an attempt to keep each other upright but somehow four swaying drunk people is not a good idea for balance…

Feed me pls

You’ve made it out dancing down the street, still singing and heading straight for Mama's. Combo 3 please love, garlic mayo on the chips, and a can of Tango Cherry. Cheers.

Somehow you’ve got to wake up for your 9am lecture but that’s hungover you’s problem. You'll regret everything in the morning but you'll undoubtedly be back like clockwork next week.