Cardiff fresher told she received no marks in her history exam, when she actually got a first


A Cardiff fresher was told she got a zero in an exam, when she actually got a first.

Laura Britton, who studies History, woke up to find she had scored no marks in her recent summer exam paper which would have caused her to fail the module. Her other results showed she had got a 2:1 in her other papers, apart from that one exam.

After contacting the history department to ask whether it was a mistake, Laura said there was “a lot of back and forth emails and not a lot of answers from anyone.” The fresher eventually received a response some hours later informing her the result had changed from a zero to 70.

Laura told The Tab: “I’m glad this issue has been resolved, however I’m disappointed by the university and the lack of organisation that came with the release of the results.”

Laura’s results came after the rest of the year’s grades had been delayed due to administrative errors. History freshers were told they would receive their results on the 10th of July but they were not released until two days later.

On Wednesday morning an email was sent out to all students on behalf of the Registry apologising for the delay and confusion regarding the release date of results. The confusion over a lack of exam results began on Monday morning after a number of joint honours undergraduates had received their grades, whilst single-honours students had not received anything and were not provided with any explanation for this.

The registry responsible for exam results commented: “We are responsible for processing and assuring the results of each of the 30,000 students of the University at this point in the year. Unfortunately results processing for History, Archaeology and Religion single honours programmes hit an unforeseen delay yesterday, which coincided with a particularly busy point in processing all of the year 1 results for joint honours programmes.”

A spokesperson for Cardiff University released a statement, adding: “We are aware that some first-year students in our School of History, Archaeology, and Religion have received exam results later than expected. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and have apologised to the students concerned.”