Cardiff BNOC of the year 2017: Heat two

Four more Cardiff legends have been revealed

It’s time for heat two of our Cardiff BNOC of the year 2017. It’s been a close one, but here are four more candidates who are deemed worthy of the BNOC title.

Emeka Chukwulobelu

Rugby boy and physiology third year Emeka has been nominated multiple times for the Cardiff BNOC title. As the official DJ to the Cardiff rugby team, Emeka’s peers call him “a sick DJ, mad dancer and a general legend of the diff”.

Emeka is known by many for being the outright winner of Strictly Come Dancesport, and is known for respecting women. He even took one of his lucky ladies on a date to the Lash’s disabled loos.

Georgie Matthews

Georgie can’t go anywhere without bumping into multiple people she knows, whether it’s at the ASSL, the Lash or a random street in Cathays. Everybody loves her for her sass, impressive/health concerning drinking abilities and impressive fancy dress skills at socials.

Georgie can allegedly neck a bottle of wine and vodka at pres and can still stand at the end of the night. However, the drinking can often cause her to do some weird and random things on nights out. She once spent an entire night at TNT with an inflatable monkey; she refused to put it down, shouted whenever anyone touched her monkey, and even went to sleep with it when she got home.

This archaeology third year, is already the current leader of ‘Juice BNOC of the year’, but can she win the The Tab BNOC of the year 2017?

Callum Noad

Second year Callum studies Business Management and is a member of the Cardiff football team. He notoriously chundered everywhere during his football initiation, which is not one of his proudest moments.

One of Callum’s best moments was when he did Cardiff proud on The Chase and even had a cheeky flirt with chaser Anne Hegarty. He’s a big fan of T&A Kebabs and when drunk, got a selfie behind the counter and is now the new ‘T&A intern’.

Lizzie Harding

Third year History and Politics undergrad, Lizzie, is President of the History Society and seems to know everyone. Lizzie can frequently be seen waving to her fans around Cathays and constantly reminds her friends of her BNOC status; some claim she has earned this through her friendly personality.

Last year Lizzie was on the winning Jailbreak team, making it to Istanbul and back. She also met Hilary Clinton campaigning in America.

Vote for your BNOC winner for heat two below.