The eagerly awaited Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2017 is finally here: time for heat one

We can exclusively reveal the first 4 nominees

You’ve had two weeks to nominate, and now it’s finally time to reveal some of the biggest names on campus. Some nominations have been full of praise, whilst others set out to humiliate. These legends deserve to be recognised for their antics so here is the first batch of nominees for The Tab Cardiff’s BNOC of 2017.

Daniel Gibson

Law and Criminology third year Daniel, defies all natural laws with his drinking skills. This legend can allegedly drink six VKs in a minute, which is his signature technique to woo the ladies. As a resident of Ruthin Gardens, his friends say “They don’t call him the Ruthin Ruiner for nothing”.

Jamie Fenton

As a fourth year engineer, Jamie is one of the more mature candidates and an all round BNOC. He’s not only the president of the surf society, but he’s also the younger brother of Rachel from last years Love Island. In December 2016 he won Retro’s Christmas karaoke with what has been described as heart breaking rendition of ʺLonely this Christmasʺ. Jamie may be a machine on the dancefloor, however, he can’t always handle his drink. He lost a drinking competition to an 80 year old gentleman after knocking his third pint over a woman at the bar and all over the till. 

Jack Parker

Constantly recognised for being the loudest grunter in taly gym, second year medicine undergrad, Jack, is always showing off his biceps. He even put them to good use on a night out when he carried home a fridge he’d found, and proceeded to place this in his housemates bed. It’s safe to say he’s the first person to pull a fridge on a night out.

It’s clear there are some legends in our first heat of Cardiff BNOC 2017, now is your chance to vote for the most worthy. Will you vote for someone who’s a pure sesh legend or someone who is well known for their talents? Either way, someone has to end up in the final and that is all down to you!