There’s a new app in Cardiff to alert people of any major incidents

The app aims to help people during major incidents such as fire, flooding or an act of terrorism.

A new app designed to alert and aid Cardiff residents and visitors during a major incident has been launched by Cardiff Council.

The app, called EVAC, is now available to download on Apple and Android devices and can alert people of any major events through direct push notifications.

The app will constantly be updated if a major incident occurs, giving people information about which areas to avoid in the city, and will direct them to the closest point of evacuation.

Links to maps, further guidance and videos are also available on the app, which can be especially useful during an emergency.

The app is available just in time for the UEFA Champions League Final on June 3rd, which is expected to see at least 175,000 fans arrive in the welsh capital. Cardiff has already increased its security in the days leading up to this event, following the terror threat in the UK being raised to critical.

The app has been developed over the past six months, in partnership with a number of welsh authorities including; South Wales Police and Wales Extremism & Counter Terrorism Unit.

Gwilym Owen from Cardiff Council has said that: “We do a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that Cardiff is fully prepared for any emergency situation and potentially this app is a life-saver”.

However, she reassures that it’s “highly unlikely that any of us will ever be caught up in a major incident, but if the worst happens, being informed and prepared can significantly reduce the risk of harm to people and property”.

The app is a significant step towards keeping people safer in our capital city.