The obvious reasons why Cardiff is one of the Top 50 best universities in the country

University isn’t all about grades you know

Another year in and Cardiff University has remained in the Top 50 universities in the UK. However, is it research quality, academic spending and entry standards that is representative of what a university is really like?

Here are some of the real reasons why Cardiff has earned its spot in the Top 50.

It has a photogenic campus

It’s needless to say that Cardiff University is one of the most photogenic universities in the Top 50. The main campus and its surrounding area of Bute Park are Instagram favourites. The classic Victorian architecture is a breath of fresh air from the average and grey university buildings seen elsewhere.

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Swansea can’t really compete…

Our Students’ Union is probably the best in the country

Cardiff Students’ Union is the biggest in Wales and is easily one of the best in the UK. However, it’s The Taf and Y Plas which make it. If you want to day drink and watch the footie, the Taf is the place to be. With a slap-up meal and a bucket of VK, you can’t go wrong.

Y Plas is one of the biggest clubs in Cardiff and is the only club with a VK bar. And everyone knows that VK are a vital part of life.

Revs Tuesdays

Obviously this got us into the Top 50 – it was probs the white chocolate shots.

Talybont South

The Magaluf of the Talybont complex and most notorious of the Cardiff accommodations, everyone has heard about the antics of Taly South – it’s the place to be. If you’ve spent your first year pre-drinking in a tiny kitchen and living in fear of silverfish, you’ve been doing it right. Taly South definitely contributes to that all-important student satisfaction rating – and living near Tesco, KFC and McDonald’s is an added bonus.

Chippy Lane

Chippy lane, a.k.a Caroline Street, does the best chips and curry sauce (everyone knows this is a match made in heaven), or at least it seems that way when we’re tucking into a tray after a night out.

Endless number of pubs

One of the benefits of Cardiff University is that it’s situated near many of Cardiff’s most well known pubs. Got an hour to spare between two lectures? Go for a pint. Whether it’s Blackweir, The Woody, The Flora or Gassy Jacks you can guarantee yourself a cheap drink or two.

Hockey Family ❤

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Cocktails? Yep we've got you covered!

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The best bar crawls

Some of the biggest bar crawls take place each year in Cardiff, with the Sciences vs. Arts bar crawl being one of the biggest – so big that they ran out of t-shirt colours to cover each subject.


As the home of the Principality Stadium, Cardiff frequently hosts important rugby games, including international games and The Six Nations. The atmosphere of the town centre and pubs on a rugby day is unique to Cardiff.

Additionally, the Welsh Varsity rugby match is the highlight of the year, especially because Cardiff always wins it (apart from this year lol).

Cardiff, please never change.