Finally, there are plans to make St David’s Day a bank holiday

Corbyn is finally giving Wales what they’ve wanted for years

As election campaigning gathers steam, Jeremy Corbyn has announced that his Labour government would implement four new public holidays. In a bid to give Britain’s workers more days off and to unite the four British nations, Corbyn plans to make St David’s Day, St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and St Andrew’s Day public holidays.

With Cardiff and other Welsh cities and towns renowned for their annual parades and festivals on March 1st, a new bank holiday will ensure that everyone in Wales will get to enjoy these celebrations.

Currently, the UK has the fewest public holidays of any G20 or EU countries, with only eight every year.

Corbyn campaigning in Cardiff on Friday alongside Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones

Corbyn has stated: “Our workers deserve a break-and under a Labour government, they will have the opportunity of four more days off a year”. He further supports this policy by claiming that he plans to “Unite our four nations”, by introducing these patriotic holidays.

The Welsh patron saint, St David, was a religious preacher and according to legend practised miracles. He has been celebrated since the 12th century, often through parades, symbols of daffodils, and the feasting of traditional Welsh dishes.

Corbyn took not only questions from the media, but selfies with fans at his Cardiff rally

For years, the Welsh have petitioned for St David’s Day to become a national holiday, as St Patrick’s Day and St Andrews Day are both national holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 2000, the National Assembly for Wales voted to make St David’s Day a public holiday, and a further poll in 2006 indicated that 65% of Welsh citizens would sacrifice an existing bank holiday to enable St David’s Day to become a national holiday.

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The policy is likely to be well received in Wales, as the Welsh could finally be given their much desired public holiday on March 1st.