A roundup of everything that happened at this year’s Welsh Varsity

Shoes off if you hate Swansea

Wednesday was one of the most important days for Cardiff students; the Welsh Varsity final. Once again Cardiff University proved they were the better university after a 35-15 win against Swansea at the Principality Stadium.

But it wasn’t just a serious sporting event, as many of us soaked up the sun rays in Bute Park, taking advantage of day-time drinking. After all, who could resist?

Wednesday will be a memorable day for many, so here’s an account to aid you in remembering it for years to come.


Most of us were up and ready at 9am, getting ready to drink by 10. Red tops on, cans of Strongbow at the ready, we were off to pre in a garden somewhere in Cathays. Freshers were parading around Talybont chanting abuse at Swansea before the games had even started, whilst others were tucking into a full English. Despite this, alcohol took precedence over a good hearty meal.


Fresher’s rugby

One of the first events of the day, Fresher’s rugby was where the witty chants against Swansea began, and we took our shoes off (SHOES OFF IF YOU HATE SWANSEA). By this point, we were already tipsy. Unfortunately, Cardiff lost this match, yet who can blame them, no one likes an early start to the day.

As soon as the match ended, some Swansea fans set off a green flare on the pitch. However, the Cardiff players were having none of it and threw it back over to their side, sparking cheers from around the stadium.

Cardiff star in a tight contest throughout the day

A number of other events also occurred throughout the day, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Football, tennis shooting and much more. Cardiff proved strong, with 19 wins throughout the day before the important match at Principality. Swansea winning roughly half the day whilst Cardiff coming out on top in the cricket, frisbee and a whole host of other sports.  Mon’ the Diff.

During the day

Bute Park was rammed as we sat on the grass drinking booze. Lads were caught by the police swimming naked in the river Taff, and during the day eight students were arrested in total for minor drunken offences loool. Many of us turned the same colour as our t-shirts after a few too many hours in the sun, and eventually moved on from the park back to Cathays before the main event.

The main event

Kicking off at 7pm, the men’s rugby match at Principality was packed with both Cardiff and Swansea students; Cardiff obviously having more fans. At this point we were at peak level of drunkness, one student even claiming she had to watch the game with one eye because she began to get double vision.

Over an hour into the game, Swansea began to leave the stadium as the score was 28-3 to Cardiff (sore losers?) Cardiff remained dominant throughout the rest of the game and won 35-15.

Let’s not forget when this absolutely classic thing happened:

The after party

Of course, Varsity wouldn’t have been complete without an after party at the SU. Although there was evidently no need for any more pre-drinks, the sesh called and the people of Cardiff answered. Drenched in the foam room and just about staying awake on VKs, the night was mad. Cathays on Thursday morning, was a ghost town.

Job well done.