Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

You name it, we have it

We present to you our second bunch of six lucky nominees for Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2016.

Tom O’Flaherty


Tom is not only a strapping young bloke, but he’s also a real hoot to get on with. Having spent a year studying and playing rugby in France, Tom has returned to Wales far more cultured than when he left. However there is still one thing missing in his life, l’amour. Currently he is filling his lonely existence with music and sport, but doesn’t this make him all the more eligible? He is a professional rugby player for The Ospreys and has also taken up the double bass recently. If fault had to be found with Tom, it would be his obsession with contemporary art. He’s quite pretentious. His favourite food is Lobster Thermidor and he enjoys listening to 2 Chainz from time to time. Please help 5’8 Tom find the missing piece to his puzzle , his sweet Sunday loving, his hubba hubba.

Fun Fact: Recently he went on a night out with Webby (famous Welsh scrum Rhys Webb) and ended up throwing up all over his sofa, only to blame it on his other friend Toby Faletau.

Aurelien Bonnefous


Also known as ‘Ray’, Aurelius is a fourth year studying Law and French. He participates in a multitude of activities, namely being President of the French society, a Pro Bono volunteer, SU food worker (you will often see him at Toss’d, Snack Shack or Wok n’ Roll), VK lover and generally a massive SU fan. Born in America holding both French and British passports, this multi-cultural lad is looking for the Michelle to his Barack, the Carla Bruni to his Sarkozy, the Kate to his Will.

Dan Martin


Dan is a second year Business student and plays in the first team for football. Commonly known as ‘D Martz’, he can unfortunately be a bit cocky at times, due to his BNOC status. Despite this, he really is a lovely boy and can have some great deep chats. He guarantees to bring a bird out on a cracking date, promising a 20 chicken nugget meal in Maccies, followed by an online computer game of dota Warcraft. He is probably single due to the simple fact that he’s in love with his dog, and his bedroom is – plainly speaking – disgusting. He once slept in the same clothes 3 nights in a row. He is lovely though.

Charlie Edmunds


Charlie ‘Dave’ Edmunds is a second year Biology student and takes part in many extracurricular activities. Being Deputy Head and Head of Sports for CUTV, Head of Sports for Xpress Radio, a host of several shows and a member of the cricket team, we can only be left to question what Charlie cannot do. He makes a banging cuppa and manages to maintain a permanent state of seshing or feeling sorry for himself. Through no fault of his own, this young heartthrob is seeking a lady with who to fall in love. He particularly likes classic movies and long walks along Cathays terrace.

Always ready with the cries of ‘Don’t eat it, delete it!’ whilst necking tequila shots like they’re water, don’t let this boozy exterior fool you. Beneath this lies a true teddy bear of a biology student, looking for love and Greggs in these tough times. Known to his friends as Lancelot, his lance hasn’t seen a lot of action recently. If you’re looking for someone to sesh or snuggle with, Dave is the man for you.

Alex Davies


Alex is a 20-year-old fresher studying Biochemistry. He enjoys science, playing cricket, lifting, drinking protein shakes and seeing if girls have boyfriends on nights out. The mysterious man goes by many names, including ‘The Oxford Panther’, ‘Big Al’ and ‘The South West Love Tiger’. He is looking for something true and meaningful, preferably with a pulse.

Dil Sin


Gangster on the right

Dil is a 20-year-old second year studying Accounting and Finance. Nicknamed ‘Dilbo Baggins’, he takes a particularly keen interest in birds and holds the title of Go Kart Champion 2009 and 2010. Talents include giving excellent customer service in Halfords for the past three years running. Unfortunately, Dil is single as he’s never out and prefers drinking coffee instead.

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