Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2016

Get your nominations in

The time has come again to nominate the fresher lad or lass who dgaf.

“How was Fresher’s two years ago? It’s gone so quickly!” – yeah, you’ll be saying that a lot. Make the most of it guys.

This was me, living the fresher dream


Most mental moment from my Freshers’? Seeing a guy from the flat below me returning home the morning after in a hospital gown, with a tag around his wrist, and a box of NHS tissues in his hand. Bawling his eyes out. No wallet, keys, phone, or pride. All were probably left behind in the Heath Hospital.

What have you seen in Freshers’ 2016? Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher. Send in that nutcase, saying their name, course and what they did to [email protected] Include a picture, name, course, and age of the person, and a short bio as to why they should be crowned Maddest Fresher 2016.