BNOC of the year 2016: Heat one

Here they are, the big names nominated by you

It’s been a couple days and the nominations have been flooding in from you all! Here are some of the top nominees for the first heat of Cardiff’s BNOC of the year, 2016.

Rory Thorne

C is for...

C is for…

According to his friends, Rory is one of the biggest names in Taly. From conquering 12 women in his first semester of university everyone knows he’s a player and a ‘proper lad’.
Geraint Thomas

"I took a fire selfie last night, you'll see it tomorrow on Facebook"

“I took a fire selfie last night, you’ll see it tomorrow on Facebook”

In the first couple of days of nominations being open, The Tab have already received 12 separate emails nominating Geraint.  Known to everyone as “that guy with the amazing eyebrows” he can be seen out pretty much every night of the week. Rumour has it he’s never missed a Revs Tuesday. This 2nd year Bio-Chem undergrad may be a party animal, but he’s also well on track for a 1st class degree.
Sophie Timbers
Sophie “shiver me” Timbers is currently the VP of education and next year’s SU president. She’s also been team captain of Cardiff University dance sport. Everybody knows her as the pirate, those closer to her know her as the one who can’t handle her drink. Often found in the lash dancing on her own to Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’, or at family fish bar trying to wangle some free food, Sophie is definitely known as a BNOC.
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If you want to nominate someone for the next heat of Cardiff’s BNOC 2016, then send an email to [email protected] and who knows, they may make it to the final!