I used to be a scene kid

Teenagers scare the living s**t out of me

Ah, the scene phase. If you haven’t experienced it, you haven’t lived.

I went through many phases in my teenage years but the most memorable is without a doubt my time as a MCR worshiper. The thought of getting some new clothes from Blue Banana or David & Goliath made me ecstatic, and I remember getting pissy at my mum for not letting me pierce different parts of my face.. Now I’m glad she stopped me. The Tab spoke to a few Cardiff University students about their emo-tional teens, and what they miss most about it.

The poor quality was on purpose to make me look 'edgy'

The poor quality was on purpose to make me look ‘edgy’


I’ve fixed my eyebrows since

Francesca Dodd, Journalism

“Looking back at me aged 15/16 makes me cringe right to my core. It’s amazing how many pictures I’ve untagged myself in and hidden on my facebook. I say hidden because I don’t quite have the heart to delete them permanently, I’d feel like I be deleting a huge part of my teenage years.

“I had about 7 pairs of black jeans, a multitude of band tees and as much drop dead clothing as I could physically afford on my weekend waitressing job. I remember how much I used to hate chart music and scoff at anyone that listened to it, thinking how unoriginal and mainstream they were, as I was obviously superior because I liked Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil.

“I remember crying when I saw My Chemical Romance play Black Parade live like the fan girl I was (am). I’m not sure what I miss about been an “scene” or whether I really miss any of it. I don’t listen to the music anymore (unless someone plays MCR when I’m around then I’ll lose my shit.) and I definitely don’t dress the same.

“It’s mad though how you can still remember everything about your scene phase. Like remembering all the words to “I’m Not Okay” and screaming it from the top of your lungs as if it was written about you and all your teenage angst.”


Rolling a cig… A L T E R N A T I V E



Georgie Crespi,  Ancient History

“Back in secondary school I had a couple of friends who were ‘alternative’ and we were for secondary school kids. I think till this day my hair kinda resembles my earlier emo nature.

“My friends and I (all fellow black wearing, MCR listening, dreaming of the day we could dye our hair random colours) would sit on the field during lunch and just play alternative rock in the corner. We truly believed we were so alternative, it’s embarrassing now.

“During the weekends we would go shopping, buy some ties and finger-less gloves and anything with a skull on. When I look back, I miss the really skinny jeans with the converses and the leather jacket, it worked well then.

“However, I still listen to My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Bullet for my Valentine and other rock bands because I enjoy their music, perhaps now I’m just an undercover emo, hiding away my true identify. However, looking at my dress sense before and after, I believe I made the right choice in ditching those skinny jeans.”

georgie 2

The studded leather jacket screamed “you don’t understand me!”

georgie 3


Charlotte Lewington, Philosophy

“My 13 year old self would protest I was never emo but ‘scene’, there was a big difference apparently. Avril Lavigne kicked off my style way back in 2004, when life was all a bit complicated and I was just misunderstood.

“It wasn’t till I arrived at secondary school, I reached full blown scene. Whilst people were telling me: ‘It’s just a phase’, I’d be in girls toilets backcombing my packet dyed, black hair to new heights and darkening the circles around my eyes.

“My outfit choices always consisted of the skinniest jeans, my newest band tee, creepers and the biggest ear stretcher, I could get out of the house wearing. I’d sit in my room with Paramore; RIOT!, on repeat whilst covering my walls in the latest edition of Kerrang!, full of angst believing that no-one understood me.

“Whilst dreams of rainbow hair faded and Fall Out Boy descended into hiatus, I realised that maybe it was actually a phase after all. Say what you want, life was easier when all you cared about was finding a way to make Gerard Way fall in love with you.”


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