The SU is considering terminating VK sales because of the sugar tax

They want to show their support in fighting the UK’s obesity problem

Cardiff University Students’ Union is considering stopping the sale of VKs because of the government’s latest decision for a nationwide sugar tax.

The sugar tax, which was announced in George Osborne’s Budget on March 16th, is to add an extra percentage of VAT on all drinks high in sugar to try and prevent obesity in young people.

Since the tax was included in the Budget, the SU are considering banning VK, which are known to be high in sugar content, to support the levy and the campaign against the growing obesity problem the UK is currently facing, especially in young people.


VKs cost £2.50 in the Union and are a popular drink of choice at YOLO and Y Plas. It is likely those attending SU nights will be disappointed and angry at the possibility of the drink being removed from the bar.

Third year Anastacia, studying Business and Economics, said: “On a day like today, this is unbelievable. I’ll be outraged if they get rid of VK – £2.50 tropical VKs make the Lash what it is. I would boycott the Lash for Retros.”

It was also recently claimed that Cardiff was the number one retailer in the UK for VK sales.

An insider source commented: “The Union are strongly considering removing ‘VK’ from sales.

“The Union does not want to promote drinking excessively sugary-drinks which not only lead to health problems but binge-drinking problems also.

“The Union will review the decision for the new academic year starting in September 2016.”