Jury unable to reach verdict over Gorsedd Gardens sexual assault

The jury has been discharged and Khalid Alahmadi is released on bail

A man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Gorsedd Gardens during Freshers’ Week has been discharged after the jury were unable to reach a verdict. 

Khalid Alahmadi, 23, pleaded not guilty of sexually assaulting a student during Freshers’ Week in September while standing on trial at Newport Crown Court.

The jury have been discharged after they were unable to reach a verdict.

The attack was one of three sexual assaults that happened during one week in September 2015.


Alahmadi has been released on bail

Earlier in the trial, in a video interview shown to the jury, the victim said: “I remember just suddenly feeling conscious and being pressed up against the tree.”

However, Alahmadi claimed the woman approached him first and looked like “she needed support.”

Following a week-long trial, the six men and six women making up the jury left on Friday afternoon to consider a verdict. After taking several hours to deliberate and struggling to reach a majority verdict, recorder Catherine Brown discharged the jury.

Alahmadi has been released on bail and is due to return on March 15th  when a retrial will be considered.