Fire alarm in Taly South goes off eight times in 15 minutes

It happened at 8.45 this morning

This morning, the 48 residents of Talybont South, House One, were woken up to the fire alarm going off eight times in a row. 

The house, like all of Talybont, are used to standard weekly fire alarm tests, however staff were testing the system at 8.45am which was unusual. Instead of the usual five second test, the 48 residents were treated to eight in a row, all within fifteen minutes. The Southerners weren’t impressed, one said: “I’m actually really mad. There’s no need to test alarms at a time when the house is almost certainly full of sleeping students, they should be doing it at three o’clock or something, a time when everyone is up and about.”


The scene of the disturbance

Another House Oner added:”Once is usually okay because you can just turn over and then go back to sleep. But to wait a minute, and then do it again and again and again is just a joke.”

Talybont fire alarm tests are always done at random, without warning, but are usually not so much of a problem as they are tested later on in the day when most are up. Members of the house said they understood it is paramount for the staff to complete safety checks, however being considerate about it would also be appreciated. Most simply stayed inside and ignored the alarm tests.