Rugby boys are more than just a good rig

They study, train and still have the energy to down pints in Y Plas

Rugby boys typically have a more-than-wild reputation. They are usually associated with last nights ridiculous Lash antics or can be overheard in Tesco discussing their latest conquest.

Yes they love to chant, shout and swear. Yes, they definitely think they can drink more than they can handle but we’re so quick to criticise. But I’ll take the chance to defend them against their stereotype, because no one else will.

I’ve never dated one but I did live with one in first year and I came to understand they aren’t actually all bad. I did get woken up regularly in the early hours of the morning to loud chanting and stripping but I wasn’t complaining. My expertise aren’t great on the sport, but sometimes I do wonder if they have been picked based on looks rather than skill. Aren’t the majority of the rugby team fit? Most girls would be lying if they said they didn’t want to bang a guy on the rugby team.

We’ve got to take our hats off to them, they train all year to make sure we are not utterly embarrassed by Swansea at Varsity. The Cardiff rugby first team have taken the title six times since 2006 and will do again this year. When it comes down to it, they do represent us well on the pitch.

Yes boys!!

Yes boys

While the rest of us are struggling to get a 2:1, these lads are juggling attending uni lectures, rugby training and getting pissed. They say men can’t multi-task but they can. They train twice a week at 7am, before most of us are even awake. As well as studying, they manage to train in rain or shine and, by night-time, they still have the energy to be downing pints in the SU. Good on them, they deserve it.

What would we do without rugby corner?

What would we do without rugby corner?

What would a Wednesday night be without them?  The Lash just wouldn’t be the same, our whole uni experience just wouldn’t be the same. The union would be significantly less fun without the sea of blue shirts and chino trousers. Rugby corner wouldn’t exist… and who would claim it? Football? God no.

And finally, although the Rugby team have been branded as “constantly drunk” they raised £1000 for Movember and £1300 with the Netball society for a brain tumour charity.  And in the most recent initiations they bought non-alcoholic beer for a boy who doesn’t drink for religious reasons, so that he could join in.

Maybe they do have hearts after all and maybe we all shouldn’t be as quick to judge.