Leading cancer researcher at Cardiff University dies in tragic circumstances

He was the director of research at the School of Biosciences.

An inquest has heard that Professor Alan Clarke’s neighbours found his body in a nearby woodland.

Professor Clarke was director of both the university’s European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and the Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre, as well as the the director of research in the university’s School of Biosciences. His research focused on the molecular basis of cancer and modelling intestinal, breast and prostate tumours.


Professor Alan Clarke was a leading cancer researcher at the university

Coroner David Bowen said Professor Clarke was wearing “a rubber suit” at the time of his death. Because of Mr Clarke’s attire, the coroner said he could not be certain that the death was a suicide. He added: “I consider it far more common that his death was in the attempt of some sort of sexual gratification that went wrong.” His death has been concluded as a “misadventure”.