Cat café to open in Cardiff

You can enjoy a cuppa tea and cake with rescue cats

Twitter account ‘Feline Good Cat Café’, has announced there will be a cat café opening in Cardiff soon. 

The café will be the first of it’s kind in Cardiff, where people can enjoy a cup of tea alongside rescue cats. In their Twitter bio, Feline Good Cat Café say: “Follow our journey to becoming Cardiff, South Wales’ kitty café filled with tea, cake, and rescue moggies.”


Coffee anyone?

With over 1000 followers, the Twitter account is growing rapidly, drawing a large amount of online attention from kitty lovers around Cardiff. Although they have not released an exact opening date or location for the first café of its kind in the Welsh capital, they have been posting regular updates about the café.

Linda Jones opened Cheshire Cat Café in Llandudno North Wales last year after being inspired by similar businesses in London and Edinburgh. She said: “There are a lot of people who live in supported housing or have special needs, or who love animals and live in rented accommodation. They don’t get the chance to be around animals.”

Follow the kitty café on twitter: @FelineGoodCafe