Cardiff’s fittest finalist : Alex Joynson

He’s been described as a “simply beautiful friend, and general BNOC.”

 Our first male fittest finalist contestant is Alex Joynson, a third year studying Ancient History.
Alex is a man with a vast array of hobbies, ranging from mountain biking, road biking, motorcycles, skiing, rugby, painting snails, wine tasting and trimming grass. A self confessed Union lover, Alex regularly hits up The Lash, Treatment and ends the night in everyone’s favourite babbie, Family Fish Bar. If you want to buy him a drink, he takes Hooch shaken, not stirred. He’s done plenty during his three years at uni, including being part of the Cardiff Uni rugby team and mountain biking team, as well as “introducing Harry to Sally, leading the Hobbits to Isengard, saving a soldier called Ryan, running across America for 2 years for no reason, and catching the snitch in injury time to bring the 2K15 Varsity trophy home”. Alex’s final parting words were: “J’adore Lash”.