Why is everyone in Revs so fit?

Congrats if you’ve made it in, you’re a worldie

If there’s one night of the week where you can find the creme de la creme it’s Sync at Revs.

If you haven’t been, you’re seriously missing out. The home of everyone’s favourite Tuesday night proves popular among us from freshers all the way to post-grads. It’s just got that vibe. Plus everyone is fit as fuck.

Girls, get your highest heels on,  and your tightest dresses. Lads, wearing a shirt can make you go from an average 5/10 to a strong 7, so make an effort. If you’re out on the pull, and fancying bagging the fittest guy or girl in Cardiff, here is where to head. You just won’t find these hotties sweating it out in Retros on a Wednesday.

Is it the reasonably priced vodka? Is it the glassy vibes? We don’t know. But just look at how beautiful all these people are.



boy band alert

Classy glass of rosé

They love a checkered shirt


Very important people

Champagne showers

Squad goals

Is the girl in the background okay though?


Third wheeling

Sipping on the cranberry and vod

Girlz night