Review: Glee Club

The Tab’s editor Daisy went to check out what the comedy club down in the bay has to offer.

It’s a bit of a walk over to the bay, but a two quid train journey in ten minutes can’t be argued with. A hop, skip and a jump down the road from Cardiff Bay train station is Glee Club: a place I did not know existed, until I fancied doing something that made me feel a bit more cultured.

It’s a comedy club, and has loads of stuff going on throughout the week and over the weekend. It’s great midweek as they offer huge NUS discounts, and it’s completely worth booking in advance. Though, if you’re more of a spur of the moment kind of person, there are plenty of tickets available on the door.

Inside has a good feel to it, with tables arranged around the small stage and a long bar along the back. Drinks are reasonably priced, and if you go with friends as I did, you end up getting pretty smashed. Drinking and comedy are a dangerous mix.

Glee: Awesome atmosphere

My Saturday night visit saw a complete mix of audience members, from fifty-somethings, to Barry Island’s laddy football team.

Most nights they’ve got a good selection of comics up on stage, mostly the ones you see on ‘Mock the Week’ and other such programmes… Turns out they’re pretty funny when they do stand up. Money well spent.

Plus, time it right and you can jump on the train back to Cathays, and if – like I did, you end up in a bar in the bay, a taxi ride back cost about £6.50, so it’s a pretty reasonably priced night out all round. Plus, telling your parents you went to “the comedy club” sounds so much more cultured than “got wasted at Oceana and crawled home in no shoes.”