Daisy Esther Payne

Daisy Esther Payne
Cardiff University


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Dev is Back!

The Tab’s Agony Uncle is back to solve your biggest problems.

You’re Fined!

Cardiff Uni earns nearly £250,000 a year in library fines, Francesca Blackham reports.

Sun, Sex & Sheltered Parents

Rob reckons there’s no way in hell that all parents can be stupid. We all have sex, right?

Cardiff to improve research capabilities for students

Vice-Chancellor hopes new relationship will boost Cardiff’s research capabilities.

Welsh applications fall

Ucas sees a fall in Welsh applications to uni… Read the full story.

Hashtag keep your diet quiet, you smug dick

Clare reflects on the joys of exercise.

Prof: ‘Aliens exist’

Is he serious?

Slorpe’s Top 5: Workout Tunes

Slorpe’s 2013 debut gives you 5 of the best songs for when you need motivation to shift that newly acquired holiday weight.

Library lust

Students are getting steamy in Julian Hodge

Hiring: Sports Writers

We’re looking for writers to raise the profile of university sport.

Library Bants

Love declared, irritation vented… The best of the banter while you’re revising!

Everyone is fat, everyone is cold.

January is just a bit shit really, isn’t it?


The Tab’s Lucy Wollam helps to see you through the next few weeks of absolute dread…

Leggings for the lads

Meet the boys who are setting the latest trend…

Phew, it’s (nearly) over…

The festive season in which to be jolly is nearly over, but the best is yet to come… or NOT.

Have a good one!

A note from the Editor.

Fashion Bitch: Christmas jumper alert!

Uh oh… She’s getting bitchaaaay!

Tis’ the season to be jaded…

A must read! Christmas time through the eyes of a cynic…

Review: Peter Pan

Act One’s musical theatre hot shot Glen Jordan donned his Christmas jumper and hot footed it over to the Sherman for their festive show.

Slorpe’s Top 5

Slorpe is back, helping you navigate the bundles of flyers to find the best nights that Cardiff has to offer…

Tab Meets: Mammal Swag

Quirky fashion from young designer Jon Mills.

What NOT to buy your GF this Christmas

Useless boyfriends… Listen up!

The Dating Game

A lesson to be learnt from Cardiff’s biggest LAD…


Love is not in the air

Clare is back with her latest offering…

Winter Wonderland

Check out some awesome shots of this year’s Winter Wonderland from The Tab’s photographer Ariana.

Dear Dev

The Tab’s big guy is back with some absolutely golden advice…


Yet more tales of mould and disgusting living standards from the students of Cardiff.

Mould and mouse traps

An angry Cardiff student hits out at letting agent CPS on Facebook

RAG Week Roundup

The goings on of RAG week 2013 from start to finish!

How to make your shit uni room feel more homely

Yes, The Tab does interior design. If you’re feeling homesick, this is a must-read piece by Lewis Hopkins.

Coming of age… Or not, as it happens.

This week, Clare reminisces on her innocent youth…

Signing your life away

As a fresher, the first term of university is daunting enough, but where are you going to live next year?

The Library Demographic

Clare is spending too much time in the library. She reports on the various stereotypes spotted since she was last seen cupping a thermos mug on the top floor of ASSL…


Your favourite Agony Uncle is back to solve MORE of your problems…


I’m not dead yet.

The Graduate Job Nightmare

Are we really that “employable?”

Tab Loves Hobo’s

The Tab reports on a great place to shop beyond the High Street…

Five dates, five days…

The infamous Clare goes on five blind dates in a desperate search for ‘the one’. She reports back for The Tab… Check it out to see how she got on!

A man adrift

Duncan Griffiths muses over the good old days of Cathays, and the ridiculous amount of letting agencies that we simply can’t escape from…

Review: SWN Festival

Sophie Epstein gives her verdict on this year’s SWN Festival.

Review: Julius Caesar

The Tab checked out the RSC’s touring production of Julius Caesar…

Extreme Dating

Tab columnist Clare agrees to put herself on the line for love…

25 Things

Sam Thorpe evaluates the changes that Uni life can really bring about, while looking back at a younger version of himself…

Review: Glee Club

The Tab’s editor Daisy went to check out what the comedy club down in the bay has to offer.

Front row: SWN Festival part 1

The Tab was front row at SWN Festival. Check out our gallery for the best bits.

The aftermath of Tequila

The Tab’s columnist reflects on yet another week of boozing, trying to fall in love and the dreaded Facebook photo upload…

Uni condemns confessions

The Uni pleads with students not to post on Facebook page which publishes your dirtiest secrets…

Tucker: The best cup of tea in town

Higher fees, higher expectations

81% of surveyed university students believe they should be provided with textbooks for free as part of their tuition fees.

We’re a disgrace and we LOVE it

We were slated in the national press for our behaviour at CARNAGE. The Tab’s Gemma Neath explains why if you don’t go, you’re a terrible excuse for a student…

Rugby Season Preview


The stench is disgusting. A moan of agony comes from a pile of blankets… You’ve guessed it! It’s a severe Tiger Tiger hangover. The Tab’s Gemma Neath investigates which hangover cures really can rid the god awful feeling…

Fresher’s Debrief: Lessons Learned

Avoid anyone who describes themselves as ‘random’… and other golden advice from CLARE MATTHEWS WORTH

A night at the theatre, perhaps?

The Sherman Cymru Theatre has lots in store this month and it’s right next to the SU

Fashion Bitch

Watch out, The Tab’s FASHION BITCH is always about. Here’s her first outburst…

Tab Meets: Ross Wardle

Sports editor Jacob Emery speaks to Cardiff’s 1st XV captain Ross Wardle ahead of an exciting season.