This is what Cambridge University college each Love Actually character would go to

The only thing worse than the total agony of being in love is a supo in week eight


Love Actually is one of the best films ever made – if you disagree I assume you also hate rainbows, small fluffy animals and joy. Whether it’s December 25th or June 18th, just know I will always say yes to Love Actually. But which colleges would these characters actually love?

Billy Mack – Trinity

He’s old, he’s famous and he LOVES to be the centre of attention. Billy Mack is screaming Trinity to me x

Joe – Tit Hall

The ultimate duo. Tit hall – the older (??), wiser and perhaps quieter of the Trinitities (is that the right plural??) makes it the perfect place for Joe.

bffs 4eva <3, via StudioCanal

Natalie – Homerton

She’s fun, she’s friendly and you’d deffo go out for a pint with her. Her big family would mean she’d feel at home in the big, friendly community of Hom. I can already imagine the Homfesses she would receive x

Will never not love these two, via StudioCanal

Prime minister – O*ford

Soz to all my Union Hacks but look at O*ford’s track record. Statistically, the prime minister would just have to be an O*ford alumnus (and probably have done PPE).

Colin Frissel – Corpus Christi

He picked this college precisely because it’s so central. He’s perfectly placed for a night out in Revs, a trip to Gardies and able to get to any Tinder match in sub 15 minutes.

Game respects game, via StudioCanal

Aurelia – Medwards

I really see Aurelia here. She seems like a proper girl’s girl.

My girl is glowing!, via StudioCanal

Jamie – Downing

Can’t you picture Jamie tapping on his typewriter in the gorgeous Downing grounds? When he gets writer’s block and needs inspiration he grabs a coffee (Bould brothers, of course) and strolls around Cambridge, people watching all the tourists. I can see it now.

Can a man learn Portuguese for me pls?, via StudioCanal

Joanna and Sam – Clare

They’d meet at Clare Cellars, probably both performing in some open-mic type of event. They might even both join the same student band. His drumming would make her heart beat faster, and her vocals would get him swooning. I can picture it now – they’d fall in love over a Stone Cold and some smooth jazz x

Young love awww, via StudioCanal

Just Judy and John – Girton

They can both be a bit shy and a bit awkward, but ultimately they’re loads of fun. Girton is so underrated, just like Judy and John. In the winter months, they’d de-stress from week five blues by swimming in the Girton pool. In Easter term, they’d start a naturist society and go wild swimming somewhere x

Actually such cuties, via StudioCanal

Karen – Newnham

Did I decide this just because Emma Thompson went to Newnham? Maybe. But I am still right. She’d listen to Joni Mitchell and form a tight-knit friendship with the girls in her corridor. She’d probs be a welfare officer and always organises pet therapy x

deserves better x, via StudioCanal

Harry – NO

I will NOT discuss him. I will neither forgive nor forget.

Adulterer., via StudioCanal

Mia – St Johns

She struts into Sidge, probably wearing a beret. She smokes (rolls her own), and not just socially. She only goes on first dates in Kettle’s Yard and exclusively drinks coffee from independent cafes. You wouldn’t catch her dead drinking a frappuccino. She’s a heartbreaker. She is a John’s girl.

THE NECKLACE !!, via StudioCanal

Juliet – Emma

She looked around all the colleges and decided to apply to Emma because she decided it was actually quite pretty x

To be honest, I couldn’t figure out where to place her. A genuinely baffling character.

The hat is Screaming Sidge, via StudioCanal

Feature Image Credits: StudioCanal 

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