Which college would each Gilmore Girls character go to?

Are they a Sidge girlie, or a rower?

It would not be October without a Gilmore Girls rewatch, bringing the autumnal vibes which make the disappearance of the sun and the return of academic work that little bit more bearable. While some of these characters end up at Yale, and some are permanent residents of Stars Hollow, it’s fun to imagine them walking down Kings Parade, going to formals, and riding the Lolacoaster. Here are the colleges that they would likely end up at:

Rory – Christs

Image credits: Netflix

She’s hardworking, known for her academics, but also not too showy about it. Rory is sweet and gets on with everyone so she wouldn’t mind the chaos of the tourists that waits just outside. She would also definitely appreciate that building that looks like a typewriter, no matter how objectively ugly it actually is.

Jess – Queens’

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Jess is artsy, a bit of a Sidge boy. He is definitely an edgy English student, who enjoys the friendliness of the college but also sitting along the river reading a book. He appears chilled out, but under the façade he cares a lot. He would also know where the apostrophe belongs.

Dean – O*ford

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Do I even need to explain this? Dean can leave Cambridge alone and stay in the other place.

Lorelai – Newnham

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Close to Sidge, Lorelai would make the most of the grounds, the artsy vibes, and would need the Iris café for her coffee, coffee, coffee!

Logan – Corpus

Image credits: Netflix

This is based on nothing other than the fact that I go to Corpus. I think you can see my point.

Madeleine and Louise – Kings

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Popular and fun, Madeleine and Louise would be hitting Kings Bunker, and making the most of the prime location near all the clubs (they’d probably also be MMLers, spending their year abroad in Spain). They’d be subject to many crushbridges, and definitely JCR Ents officers.

Paris – Downing

Image credits: Netflix

Paris is intense, and I think, at heart, a law student (but I may be biased as one myself). She wouldn’t mind the extra walk to Sidge, and would appreciate escaping the tourists to a more peaceful sanctuary.

Sookie – Homerton

Image credits: Netflix

Sookie is sweet and caring, so she’d fit in well with the number of education students, and is too positive to find the cycle into town frustrating. She’s friendly, welcoming and would appreciate the more ethical food policies of the college, and the Botanical Gardens would remind her of the Dragonfly Inn.

Kirk – every college

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Kirk would not be contained by a college. He would be everywhere, and on every committee. He really is that person that never really seems to do his actual degree (which would probably be NatSci).

Richard and Emily – Gonville and Caius

Image credits: Netflix

Richard and Emily would definitely both be at Caius. Quite traditional and formal, they are still more approachable than John’s. They also have a big social life, so being right in the middle of town is a must. Also, Richard would definitely have been a rower in his youth, so he would make the most of the new boathouse.

Cover image credits: Daisy O’Connor, with photos from Netflix

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