Every type of person you’ll meet at Rumboogie

I promise you’re one of these


Oh Rumboogiers, how we all unite in hangover at (or not at) our Thursday morning lectures. While it’s pretty easy to spot who must have spent their Wednesday evening with a VK in hand and the words to Shake it Off on their lips, what about spotting the different types of people you’ll actually meet at Rumboogie? Spoiler alert: We are not all the same.

The regular

You’d recognise their face in a crowd and would be shocked if they didn’t show up one Wednesday, but you don’t even know their name. Rain or shine, Freshers’ or Week Five, you’ve got to admire the dedication of this person to Rumboogie hard every single week.

Image credit: Cristina Joos

The one who is ‘too cool’ for Cambridge clubbing

You’ll find them at the back of the smoking area, nattering on about some club in London or the wild nights they had during their “Gap Yah” in Costa Rica. Unfortunately for them, they’re in Cambridge now, so why don’t they make the most of it like the rest of us? Besides, if they’re really too cool for Wednesday Revs, how come you always see them there?

The one who never leaves the smoking area

If in doubt, you know where to find them; but there never is any doubt, you know for certain they will spend the entirety of the night in the smoking area. And was the price of a £6 ticket worth it for them to stand around having a chat? Probably yes. I reckon around half of Rumboogie-goers show up, not for a sweaty dance, but solely to catch up with friends on the top floor.

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The honorary Rumboogier

They have fun when they go, but the commitment isn’t really there. It will take quite a bit of peer pressure and a week of very few deadlines to persuade this person to show their face at Wednesday Revs.

The one who hasn’t been since Freshers’ week

So, unless you spoke to them in Freshers’, this is a person you will not meet at Rumboogie. A better place to catch them is in the library, crying over an essay at 3am (I would personally rather cry at Rumboogie).

The one who buys everyone VKs

Either that or they’ll walk around holding four just for themselves. But who can really blame them? The multi deals are just too tempting.

Image credit: Charlotte Bouvier

The one who knows absolutely everybody

This feels particularly odd when you’re a fresher; How could this person possibly have made that many friends in just a few weeks? There’s no need to worry if this isn’t you. While this person seems like they’re friends with everyone, they’re probably just saying hi to acquaintances they’ve met once or twice at Freshers’ events.

By the time you’re in a second year, however, you can count on the fact this person has put in the work getting to know new people at Rumboogie most weeks of being a fresher.

The one who leaves early to go to Gardies

Admittedly, I am this person sometimes. When you’re hungry, the suggestion of cheesy chips starts sounding better than the sound of the cheesy pop music. And I don’t care what you say, it’s Gardies over Van of Life.

If you’re heading to Rumboogie, challenge yourself to spotting as many of these people as you can!

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