Culture Trip Week Six: Help me re-focus, please

Its time to refocus by using these recommendations to procrastinate

Week 6 is halfway done, and my recent plans to refocus and get back on track were thrown out the window due to something I like to call “Residual Week Fiveitis.” It seemed that after a rough Wednesday Rumboogie I felt like I deserved a few days off – that turned into a few more, and all of a sudden the entire weekend seemed to flash by.

I am currently trying to investigate how to slow down time, so any insights would be much appreciated. Due to this very serious distraction, I have made it my mission to help others through this with the perfect recommendations that may reduce Week Five’s awful side effects. 

Film – Focus

As the title suggests, this was the highest priority pick for this week. Balancing drama, comedy, romance and above all, the art of an amazing con, this intricate yet deeply satisfying movie will have you shocked at every twist. Following the story of the renowned con artist Nicky, played by Will Smith, every situation will have you second guessing what is real and what was planned.

The incredible reveals and ornate use of subliminal messaging will mesmerise and suspend you in disbelief. As Nicky takes on novice Jess, (Margot Robbie), the lessons he doles out will have you desperately trying to think up your own mastermind-worthy, criminal stunt, quit your degree, and bank enough money to escape and never be seen again…

Such high stakes… (image credits: author’s own screenshot of Focus)

The psychological trickery and the science to “getting people to trust you”  in the show may worsen your own trust issues but also open your eyes to a new career you may have never considered. The script is truly a masterpiece in timing and character depth, leaving you with some great tricks to try on your housemates and a drive of motivation you may need (maybe towards the wrong thing)!

TV – Crashing

Written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (from ‘Fleabag‘), the multitalented actress also stars in her own show: ‘Crashing’ is a light-hearted and hilarious show. (Only 6 episodes long – great to easily binge and then re-focus!)

Its loveable characters and the complexity of their overlapping relationships reminds you of that one college family that’s a bit too close. The episodes follow the group as they live as property guardians in a used hospital. This may sound like a tough living condition, but trust me when I say that this is exactly where I want to live.

A giant, run-down accommodation with all of your friends in the centre of London, with the freedom to make whatever extravagant mess you want? Sounds like a dream to me. Although the lights and shelves would occasionally fall down and eventually you would have to be evicted for demolition, I happily pitched it to my mum until she said it sounded like my student house now.

Due to the state of me not being able to see much clear floor area in my house at the time, I took that personally. 

Chaos to distract from your own messy relationships (image credits: author’s own screenshot of Crashing)

Back to the show itself – the witty humour and character relatability is refreshing and such an easy watch. The exploration of jealousy in relationships and romantic threat is used as the backbone for tension-filled scenes as secrets come to the surface, and chaos ensues. 

Album – Kali Uchis – Isolation

Isolate yourself and listen to this whole album (image credits: author’s own screenshot on Spotify of ‘Isolation’ by Kali Uchis)

The perfect album to relax and wind down to. The beat and groove of every song simultaneously calms you down to sleep and hypes you up to go out. Titled ‘Isolation’ pre-coronavirus, you’ll listen to these songs on repeat. The unique sound in singles like “Your Teeth in My Neck” and “Dead To Me” will have you turning up the volume – potentially much to the annoyance of those sat next to you in the library.

Book – I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes


I was just so hungry I had to put this in (image credits: Vedika Mandapati)

So it’s pancake day – and what better way to celebrate then read the only book I know linked to pancakes! Described as an adult fairytale and mystery set in the suburbs, the story is sure to transport your imagination into a new world free of deadlines, compulsory meetings and socially awkward situations…

Based around the “Zing Family Secret,” the mystery surrounding the family grows as the tension between characters rises throughout the book.

This book aims to teach a lesson on hope, and more importantly, that meeting a seven-year-old can be terrifying. 

Feature image credits: PhxHere and the Creative Commons License 

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