No Cash preview: A year in the making

“No Cash is funky, feelgood and frenetic: an intoxicating joyride that will leave you beaming like an extra in a Gaviscon ad”.

One year after it was initially scheduled to be performed, this brand new musical is one of Cambridge theatre’s most anticipated productions to date. Written by Ben James and Joe Venable and directed by Louise Dai and Kitty Beck, No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight will be performed on the 28th and 29th of May as the ADC theatre Lateshow.

We spoke to Joe to hear how pulling together a lockdown-era musical has been for the cast and crew.

First things first, what’s the show about?

No Cash follows the story of “jaded ringleader” Charli (Lara Cosmetatos), “bumbling dunce” Bobbi (Charlotte Dargan) and “chronically anxious” Terri (Nicole Tilby) as they attempt to steal the Crown Jewels, as Charli’s final heist before retirement.

From left to right: Lara Cosmetatos, Charlotte Dargan, Nicole Tilby. Image credit: Maria Woodford

The cast is completed by Sophie Craddock playing Melanie, Bobbi’s partner, and Emilia Grace, juggling both roles of Kevin and Keith – a policeman and Mel’s boss respectively.

From left to right: Sophie Craddock, Emilia Grace. Image credit: Maria Woodford

Have you come across any hurdles in this long process?

“Last October I sent out a press release titled ‘COVID CAN’T STOP A BRAND NEW MUSICAL!’, only for Covid to almost immediately stop the brand new musical.”

“Between the productions we had to recast two roles, but the way the magnificent new performers match up to the magisterial original cast is testament to the absurd, mind-boggling talent of the Cambridge theatre community, a sea in which every fish is Grade 8 at something and probably also plays netball better than you.”

I don’t doubt that Joe, I was never a good wing defence. Tell me about socially-distant rehearsals?

Joe explained how the cast had been “driven pillar to post by the rule of six, having endured outdoor rehearsals and rehearsals in tents” across Cambridge, together with plenty of Zoom rehearsals (pictured below).

Zoom rehearsal with some of the cast. Image credit: Kitty Beck

As a result of the covid restrictions still in place, it was revealed that the cast and crew had to wear masks during rehearsals – “leading people to believe we were staging an ancient Greek tragedy”. Joe went on to promise us that, although not a tragedy, No Cash is guaranteed to be equally as heart-warming and cathartic.

The cast rehearsing outside, in Newnham college. Image credit: Kitty Beck

In keeping with current restrictions, the show will be performed to a limited audience at the ADC Theatre, and will also be livestreamed via the ADC website. Featuring a hugely talented cast and extensive crew, No Cash Left on the Premises Overnight promises to remind you of exactly what you were missing when the theatres were closed. Tickets are available through the ADC website.

“With dastardly villains and heart-melting romance to boot, No Cash is shaping up to be one of the most exhilarating ADC shows in almost a year”. 

Feature image credit: Ailsa Kritten

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