Apply now to join The Cambridge Tab’s team for Lent 2021!

The One Where You Apply To Join The Tab And End Up Loving It


Considering we spent way too much time watching Friends and not enough time doing work over the last eight weeks (hence our wonderfully edited cover pic), we’re not really sure where this last term has gone. But, we’re excited to announce that applications to join The Cambridge Tab’s team in Lent term as either an editor or a writer are now open!

From reporting breaking news, editing podcasts or writing up your hottest takes on the best places to cry in Cambridge, there’s a role for everyone, whatever your interests or experience. Feel free to apply for multiple roles – your creativity (and our application limits) know no bounds.

If our editing skills are yet to have sold you, or numbers are more your thing, The Cambridge Tab has received 1.8 million views over this past year, receiving 356,000 in the last month alone, whilst our Facebook page has over 20,000 likes which is pretty cool if we do say so ourselves! Writing for the Tab Cambridge is a great way to have your voice heard on all the important (and not-so-important) Cambridge topics.

There are opportunities for your articles to be read nationally (or even picked up by major news outlets), room for progression, a lovely team, and a platform for you to try out writing – and it could even boost your tinder game!

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This is definitely, definitely not the reason we write for the Tab (Image credit: Author’s own screenshot)

Even if you’ve never tried out journalism before, we’d love to have you on board. We want to recruit as diverse a team as possible in order to represent the many voices of the Cambridge student body.

Apply Here by Sunday 13th December 2020

The Positions

News editors and news reporters

News is such an exciting section to be a part of. We cover the biggest stories at the University that students want to know about. The Cambridge Tab has even broken stories that have then been picked up by UK newspapers, or that have made it onto The Tab National’s homepage – like this one about the Cambridge rent strike.

If you want to be involved in getting the biggest scoops and reporting on important events as they happen, then news is the right place for you. And the best part about writing news for The Tab? It can be fun! We love light, wholesome, and hilarious news stories – from joke Facebook events going viral to rumored hauntings at Cambridge colleges – as well as the serious stuff. Get you a section that can do both, am I right?

Opinions editors

There’s no shortage of issues to have an opinion about in these #Covid times. Should we be allowed to study remotely? Should we paying our rent? The list goes on. Our Opinions editors write about important issues, and a good opinion piece will always get people talking, whether that’s about racial inclusivity, or tuition fees. If you’ve got a strong opinion about something, don’t be afraid to share it and apply to join the team!

Features editors

Features are what the Tab does best: whether you’re ranking every coffee shop in Cambridge, telling us how to recreate Cindies in your bedroom, or telling us what Cambridge library we are based on our Van of Life order we want to read it! A section with as much freedom as there are puffer jackets in Mainsbury’s, you can be Cambridge’s key source of humour, essay procrastination and inspiration for household bonding activities.

We’re also recruiting Quiz Editors for this section. Our quizzes are super popular and are really fun to make! If you’d be interested in quizzes but not so much in writing articles, just mention that in your application! Plus, you may even get a Crushbridge out of it.

We all wish this was us (Image credit: Author’s own screenshot)

Culture and Theatre editors

Here at the Tab, we’ll take your Netflix binging, carefully curated Spotify playlists, and imitations of Rupi Kaur poems, and call it culture; if you’re interested in it, you can write about it! Our culture editors write about everything from weekly round-ups of what’s going on in Cambridge to film reviews and so much more!

And if you already spend way too much of your time and money at the ADC, why not go the extra step and become a Theatre editor? Our editors get the chance to review Cambridge theatre (with free comp tickets included!)  – from ADC Mainshows to fresher’s plays at the Corpus Playroom – all from the comfort of their own beds.

You can also write and commission other theatre-related articles: this term our Theatre editors have written articles about recreating the ADC from home, advice on playwriting, and more! It’s a fast-paced, creative role, and honestly what’s not to love?

Interviews editors

Here at The Cambridge Tab, we’ve interviewed everyone from Graham Virgo to the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Alongside these high-profile names, we also love giving Cambridge students a platform to be heard, by interviewing individual people and societies across our university.

As part of the interviews team, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and tell their stories. You can also have the opportunity to interview Union guests and the chance to brag that you’ve met someone famous at every social event you go to from then on.

Lifestyle editors

The typical Cambridge lifestyle is pretty unique, and you could get the chance to write about it, giving other students your advice on how to make a cold and rainy Lent term truly enjoyable. Lifestyle editors are needed now more than ever – who knows when we might go into another lockdown and will desperately need top tips on how to stay fit from the confines of our shoebox bedrooms?

Lifestyle covers everything from fashion to sport, and we’re looking for a diverse range of people to write about different experiences! A typical Cambridge lifestyle does not have to be a stereotypical one, and we’re always looking for new ideas to spice up this section!


A super flexible role. You can write into any section about anything you want: this term we’ve had columns on everything from gyp-approved recipe ideas to an agony aunt column. You also get to determine how many pieces you write across the term – you’re completely in control! If you’ve got an idea for a column that you think might work, then apply and let us know.

Tab TV editors

The Tab is reviving our broadcast platform this term, and want you to get involved! Whether you’re a whizz at video editing or have no relevant experience but just think this would be super fun, please apply! We’d like to start things off small by doing short interviews and fun clips to be shared on our Instagram and incoming Tik-Tok account (wannabe Tik-Tokers, this is your big break), but are also open to big ideas for serial content. If you have an idea for a short series that you wanted to pitch (like this one that was made last year) then let us know when you apply!

Social Media Managers

Watch out memebridge, you’ve got competition (Image credit: @thecambridgetab)

If you’ve always dreamed of being an influencer, then running The Tab’s social media platforms would be a great place to start! The Cambridge Tab has over 4,800 followers on Instagram and 6,600 followers on Twitter. Our social media is a key way that we reach out to our readers, ask for submissions, host photography competitions, and importantly, post the best memes in Cambridge. This role is super fun and open to interpretation – we’d love as many interested people as possible to apply!

Tab photographer position

Please, we need more photos of King’s (Image credits: @thecambridgetab)

Do you love taking photos? Are you getting a new camera this Christmas and are desperate to try it out? Whatever your level of experience, you might be interested to know that The Tab is recruiting our first ever in-house photographer!

This is a super low commitment role that involves nothing other than taking photos of Cambridge and sharing them with us. If you’ve got loads of photos already and want to share them, we’d love that too! This role is a great chance to have your photography published on our website and seen by people far and wide. Plus, you’ll get free Tab stash and won’t have to come to any of the meetings. What’s not to love?

If you’re strictly interested in the photographer position, just send a message to The Cambridge Tab’s Facebook account (or message one of us, details below!).

Podcast Editors

No description available.

Come and give Cambridge students advice on everything from finding the love of your life in the Pret queue to dealing with annoying housemates (Image credits: Author’s own screenshot)

You may have noticed that The Cambridge Tab launched a podcast last term! Your College Aunts was the perfect advice column for helping us out with all our first term woes. Now, we’re looking for more people to join the podcast team, editing it together and helping to write up the podcast column. If you’ve got strong ideas for making our podcast even better, don’t be shy and just apply!


If commitment isn’t your thing (Cambridge boys, we see you) rest assured; you don’t need to be part of the team to write for us. We have a Writers’ group for commissions and you can always message the Facebook page (or the editors-in-chief, Katie Thacker and Charissa Niquoshala Cheong) with article ideas, or reach us at our email ([email protected])

If you have any questions, please feel free to message either of us over Facebook or email, and we can’t wait to receive your apps soon!