Is Emmanuel College haunted? Student reports supernatural experience

As if 2020 couldn’t get any scarier


Although most undergraduates at Emmanuel College moved out over six months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that something supernatural may have moved in instead – and just a few months ahead of Halloween! One student tweeted today that although he was the only student to have moved back into his accommodation block for the term, he had heard disembodied footsteps both nights he was in residence.


Emmanuel College student, Louis, lives in Park Terrace, an area of accommodation on the College site, and told The Cambridge Tab: “I’ve been living alone in accommodation for the past two days and keep hearing people walking around.”

The footsteps had been heard the previous two nights, as well as this afternoon. Although, on this last occasion, Louis did mistake the sounds of his new neighbour moving in for the supernatural dweller.

After tweeting about his ordeal, Louis turned to Google and found a Cambridgeshire Live article from 2019 which reported that the “stamping footsteps of a suicide victim” had been heard throughout the College for many years.

He is not the only student who has heard sounds of paranormal activity. He went on to tell The Tab: “And my friend has heard these (sic) footsteps by the chapel at 2am on the way back from the library.”

Despite now having a story worthy of any fright-filled fireside camp night (for six-year-olds), Louis appears to be making light of the whole ordeal on social media. After all, following months in lockdown, aren’t we all desperately keen to meet new people (even though they’re … not quite alive)?


The real question amidst all of this is: is the free laundry service at Emmanuel really worth the possibility of starring in a real-life Paranormal Activity? And, has 2020 got any *more* nasty surprises left to throw at us?

If you have any stories about your College being haunted please get in touch. Halloween is coming up and The Cambridge Tab has decided to rebrand as the Ghostbusters.

Feature image credit: Genevieve Holl-Allen