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XR sing outside Corpus Clock on the seventh day of protests

“We are peaceful, angry people fighting for our lives”

This afternoon (Saturday 22nd February), Extinction Rebellion protesters demonstrated outside the Corpus Clock. They repeatedly sung “we are peaceful angry people fighting for our lives” and wrote warnings on the ground with chalk. One said: "Time is running out!"

Today marks the seventh day of XR protests in Cambridge. This morning XR Cambridge said on their Twitter page: “Our future & everything we love is at stake. We are not going away”.

Yesterday, XR Cambridge announced on their Twitter page that they received a threat of physical violence, and today, an anti-XR group started a counter protest at the roundabout in Trumpington Road, where XR has set up a blockade since last Sunday (16th).

The resistance to XR follows their actions over the course of this week. On Monday, they dug up Trinity College lawn in controversial protest that resulted in multiple arrests of criminal damage. Yesterday, they returned to the site to distribute wildflower seeds, after protesting on King’s Parade in support of the UCU strikes.

Following this, Extinction Rebellion Cambridge Youth protesters headed to a Shell garage in Newnham Road, where five people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, four of which were charged.

According to XR website, there are plans for a ‘March for Justice’ at an undisclosed location and a ‘Silent Rebellion’ at Lion Yard Shopping Centre tomorrow afternoon.

Header photo: Maya Sales-Hyde