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Film, theatre…and Beans on Toast?

Welcome to Week Two at the Tab (and in Cambridge in general, I guess.) Note the new header! I am very sorry.



Based solely on poster design, I’m very excited for Wild Honey– how gorgeous are those flyers? Also a big fan of live folk music and I hear there’s real grass onstage (why this matters to me I don’t know, but it does.)

Wild Honey plays at the ADC from Tuesday 29th January to Saturday 2cnd.


St John’s Picturehouse is screening Steve McQueen’s new film Widows– I love crime capers and I love female ensemble casts, so this is something I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy. As someone who didn’t even know John’s had a cinema event until five minutes ago I am also delighted that tickets are only about £4.

Widows is on at the St John’s Picturehouse on Sunday 3rd February at 7pm then 10pm.


It’s Independent Venue Week! I know you all had it on your calendars. In celebration, The Portland Arms have a different gig each night, with singer-songwriter John Smith playing on Friday night. I frequently bemoan the lack of “proper” music venues in Cambridge so it’s nice to feel like my completely baseless whining has been listened to- please get down and support the noble tradition of people playing guitars in pubs if you can!

John Smith is playing at 19:00 in The Portland Arms, 1st February. Full details of the week’s lineup can be found here



So like Beth, I’m super excited about a college screening this week- namely, Spirited Away, hosted by Corpus Films. This is such a childhood classic for me. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a Studio Ghibli film- a Japanese anime- about a girl who visits a magical abandoned amusement park. It’s widely considered as Studio Ghibli’s best film, with hoards of 5 star reviews and even 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Perfect for a relaxed Sunday break.

Spirited Away is on this Sunday, 8-11pm, at the McCrum Lecture Theatre.


This coming Monday there’s going to be a lecture called ‘Inflamed Depression’ by Professor Edward Bullmore. It’s on the search for genes that increase the risk of depression. As someone with hereditary depression, I think this’ll be quite empowering and exciting to get to hear more about the clinical side to such an emotional feeling.

Inflamed Depression is on this Monday, 7:15-9pm at Churchill College.


At the junction this week there’s an artist on called Beans on Toast. I saw him at a festival a couple of years ago and thought it was the weirdest/ funniest/ most irreverent show I’ve ever seen. He’s an alt-folk troubadour who writes a lot about contemporary concerns, going from quite a random festival act to a cult national treasure, ‘a voice of honesty and truth’. His music has actually been produced by Mumford and Sons’ Ben Lovett and some of his backing vocalists include Frank Turner and Emmy the Great.

Beans on Toast is on at the Cambridge Junction, Monday 4th Feb, for £17.



Another term, another issue of Notes! This Thursday sees the launch night of Issue 55: On (W)holes (a title I’m personally in love with) – go along for a wholesome evening of poetry readings, where you can chat to fellow poets, have some drinks, and pick up a copy of Issue 55!

The Notes Issue 55 launch is 7:30-9:30pm Thursday 31st Jan, at the CUCWinebar

Thinking about pamphlets and upcoming issues, Sixninetyeight has its upcoming issue on ‘REDEFINITIONS’ on the horizon – submissions for poetry, prose, art and the like are closing on the 3rd of Feb – so make sure to get them in!


For those of you who might be bored with the same old munch, why not try something new this week? The Locker Cafe, situated at 54 King Street, is a delightful little joint with a lovely atmosphere and great food – food which, by the way, you can get 30% off every weekday by using The Dealer app. Who doesn't love a bargain?


Strawberries & Creem, Cambridge's annual May Week gem (which last year saw the likes of T-Pain and Shy FX playing) is announcing its line-up for the 2019 festival verrrry soon. Get ready for the drop on Feb 5, and keep your eye on the end of Easter. Why not prepare for the end of exams now?

Strawberries & Creem Festival is on Saturday 15 June at Haggis Farm, and tickets can be bought here: