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Best Dressed: C-Sunday

Sun(day), Caesarians and suspicious substances

Best Dressed C-Sunday Caesarian Sunday cambridge students fashionable students University of Cambridge

Rise and shine Cantabs, another C-Sunday is over. Until May Week, panicking about Adult Responsibilities™️ is so in this season.

Hold that thought for just a second longer though. Ever the philanthropist, I had your nostalgia at the forefront of my mind yesterday. Equipped with a camera fancy enough to rival the Daily Mail bloke's (my phone), I set off on an expedition through the masses to snap as many eye-catching outfits as I could find, so that you could relive the fun for just a few minutes longer.

Thomas, History of Art

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Just look at this colour co-ordination. An outfit so dazzling even the guy behind watches on in awe.

Lina, HSPS

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Effortlessly cool and stylish.

Carlotta, Esme, Paula, Oyinkan and Rebecca

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A fashionable bunch of pals with great taste in trainers.

Charlie, Natsci

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I envy this guy's ability to pull off mixed prints so well.

Gabriel, English, and Soph, Geography

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Coachella or Jesus Green? You decide.

Molly, History of Art

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I think I've found the embodiment of "wavey garms", as the kids say. And I want everything she's wearing in my wardrobe. Right. Now.

Harry, Geography

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We all love a good sun visor.

Eliza, HSPS

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Have another dose of perfectly executed colour co-ordination to brighten your Monday.

And of course, the best fancy dressed did not go unloved…

Anthony, Natsci

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I'm not sure if this totally counts as fancy dress, but how many people do you know who own jumping stilts? Exactly.

Annie, HSPS

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I was told that this look was incomplete without the fishbowl, and I agree.

Julia, Maddy, Stine, Laura, Jessica, Nat, Emma and Katie

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Props to these gals for soldiering on in the sweltering heat in their thermal onesies and bandanas. The heroines we deserved.

James, James, Pistaki and Angus

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I don't remember Willy Wonka's factory having a Foster's fountain?

Tiggy, Psychology

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There were rumours of a girl walking around in a wedding dress, and I simply had to find her. She did not disappoint. 10/10 the most ICONIQUE look on the Green.

Until next year…