The Tab’s Guide to May Ball style

With these tips you’ll be BALLing

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May Balls are on the horizon and hence so is the time for you to make a MAYjor style statement.

Here’s how to wow the crowds and make it onto The Tab’s Best Dressed list.


Always my favourite place to start and also essentially key to you making it through the night and into the survivor’s photo.


  • Stilettos + grass = sinking + irreparable shoe damage

Block heels are the easiest way to keep the heel height but avoid the sinking!

  • Heels + a long night = sore feet, so bring flats and Compeed (the ultimate blister plasters, as tried and tested by me).

Flats = the secret to survival


It’s hard to know where to start with regards to choosing the best dress for you but here are some key trends which may give you some inspiration:

1. Metallics

Certainly a bold statement so be careful, but an easy way to stand out if that’s what you’re looking for in your dress.

Catch the light and people’s eyes in one of these stunners from ASOS

2. Sheer elements

Obviously not sheer in the wrong places, but sheer sleeves or a sheer part in the lower half of the skirt would allow you to nail this trend. Plus there’s no reason why this trend has to be ‘edgy’ as lace or tulle would both equally meet the requirements whilst also providing a feminine touch. SHEERly this is not a trend to overlook?

Sheer elements don’t need to be risqué and can be instead super pretty, as these dresses from ASOS show

3. Ruffles

So on-trend at the moment and sure to give you a FRILL as they are the perfect to make you feel princess-y in your dress.

Feel as pretty as a princess in these gorgeous numbers


Get your dress taken up (or do it yourself if your lucky enough to be skilled in that vicinity) if the length is even a little bit too long so you’re not constantly tripping up. The problem will only get worse as the night progresses and alcohol intake increases.

Only go for a light colour if you’re confident in your ability to not spill stuff down yourself…so I’ll be avoiding them.

Don’t be scared! Balls don’t come around all that often so use the opportunity to wear whatever the hell you want. You do you gal!

Alternative options

Jumpsuits – why confine this fabulous garment to day wear? There’ll be no need to worry about the hem of your dress dragging on the floor if you choose this very practical option. Plus they are super ‘in’ at the moment so a great way to look stylish.

Trouser suits – I love them. Make like Angelina Jolie and go in a tux-style one, or if you want to wear some colour get a fabulous printed verosion.


Never underestimate their power.

Hair: Accessorising it is an easy way to spice up your dress or add something decorative, whether you prefer flower crowns or metallic hair chains.

Flower crowns are perfect for Summer <3

Bags: A clutch is a perfect way to carry your flats but also look stylish.

And why not bring a tote with a coat in it or any other supplies for the night since you can store it in the cloakroom?

Bring a canvas tote for utility purposes but make sure you consign it to the cloakroom!

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to be the Belle of the May Balls this coming week, and also some useful tips so you can last the night better than Cinderella did.