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10 things to do in Cambridge post-exams

Fun ways of enjoying Cambridgeshire without breaking the already broken bank

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Boatie slang: Get boat race ready

How to look like you’re not just there to drink

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Getting involved with the Cambridge LGBT+ community: A guide

Tips from the CUSU LGBT+ Committee

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How to NOT be a basic bitch on Halloween

Because nothing’s scarier than a fashion disaster…

A TV guide for all your Cambridge moods

Degrees come and go but TV is forever

A rundown of all the best places to go out in Cambridge

Where to go and when to go there

The Best Pubs in Cambridge

Our pub connoisseur tries every overpriced pint in Cambridge so you don’t have to

Tab Guide to mental health services in Cambridge

If there is one article you keep from our freshers’ guide, make it this one

The ultimate Cambridge café guide

“Giveth the people their avocado toast with chilli flakes”, as the Lord so famously proclaimed

The Tab’s Guide to May Ball style

With these tips you’ll be BALLing

Tab Guide: How to get nominated for BNOC

What to do if none of your pals are taking the hint

Tab Guide to Reading and Leeds Festival

Always a favourite with Cambridge students, the Reading (and Leeds) festival is now just a fortnight away. Here’s your inclusive guide of where to be and who to see.

The Tab’s Alternative Guide to May Week

Cambridge entertainment that won’t break the bank

Tab Guide to Rowing: The Cancer Research UK Boat Races

A handy guide for the ignorant to pretend you know something about rowing.

The Cambridge Tab’s Guide to Drugs

A guide to coping with parents when single

A tough time for everyone involved

Tab Guide to Doing Sex

Having trouble with copulating this Freshers’ Week? TED HILL is here to sort you out

Cambridge A-Z, Part 3

Finish off the alphabet of wisdom with the final slice of our vital Freshers Guide.

Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Wise up on plodges, May Week and why everyone hates John’s with Part 2 of our essential Freshers Guide

Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Literally everything you need to know as a Fresher coming to Cambridge in 2014.