Students warned by colleges following nightime incident involving ‘group of men’

Senior tutors advise not going out after dark

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Students were warned yesterday by senior officials that there was a risk to their personal safety from a gang of men approaching students at random in the city. 

Emails were sent to students at Trinity, Clare and Wolfson college on Saturday afternoon following an incident said to have taken place in central Cambridge.

The Senior Tutor of Trinity College, Catherine Barnard, has warned students to be vigilant when out in Cambridge in response to an unspecified incident.

The incident involved “A group of men driving around Cambridge and approaching students.” The nature of these approaches is, as yet, unclear.

This email was circulated to Trinity students in the wake of the incident

In response, Professor Barnard warned students by email “not to go out…after dark” and to “report anything suspicious to the Porters and/or the Police.” Similar calls have been made by her counterparts at Clare and Wolfson Colleges.

The Tab have requested comment from the University.

The fact that students have been encouraged to avoid going out alone at night suggests. that this is a serious matter, and that students should be as vigilant as possible.