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Sex is Dangerous

Things can… snap

Police investigate armed robbery on Christ’s Pieces

The police are appealing for information on the incident

Students warned by colleges following nightime incident involving ‘group of men’

Senior tutors advise not going out after dark

NEED FOR SPEED: Bus driver ‘not in control’ before Cambridgeshire crash

Speed-demon bus driver revealed to have been going 23 mph over the speed limit in February crash which injured five.

Trinity fire brigade to extinguish river spectators of May Ball fireworks show

May Ball committee plans to erect fountains to drench and protect spectators

The Tab Meets: Professor Risk

TOM BALDERSTONE talks to Churchill fellow “Professor Risk” about living life on the edge.

Cambridge Parkour

JOE BATES meets the mysterious men behind the King’s Parade backflips.

Tab Tries: Danger Cindies

Cindies outside of term time? SASKIA GOLDMAN ventures into the unknown…


Night Climbers have defied gravity and planted 25 santa hats on Cambridge’s highest spires.