Cambridge University living costs officially CHEAPER than Oxford by thousands of pounds

You get more for a Bridge than an Ox

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They might have been thrilled to bag number one spot earlier this year in The Times university rankings, but it has been revealed that Oxford students are paying thousands of pounds more for the privilege. 

Cambridge News reported that, while Cantabs are hardly enjoying a cheap student lifestyle at an annual cost of £20,266, those at the Other Place are paying £24,760.

It’s almost sweeter than the fact we’ve beaten them consistently in the last three University Challenge finals.

The research, conducted by the price comparison website, ranked Cambridge as 38th most expensive place to study in the country, Oxford coming a pricey seventh.

Cambridge is cheaper for students than Oxford by thousands of pounds

Cambridge is cheaper for students than Oxford by thousands of pounds

Although it was found that the two spend similar amounts on fees (around £9,250 a year), £14 a month on books and £20 a month on laundry, Oxford’s accommodation is pricier. Prices average at £568 a month rather than Cambridge’s £433.

Oxonians were also found to spend £182 a month on average socialising, in comparison to our figure of £95. You have to be quidding me. I’ll never complain about the price of a jagerbomb again.

with those prices, suddenly Life doesn't seem too bad

with those prices, suddenly Life doesn’t seem too bad

And while students at Oxford show their fashionable side by spending a further average of £182 a month on clothing, Cambridge demonstrate their pride in the Grafton Centre price tag with a monthly expenditure of £30. Definitely worth that trek to Primark.

Eight out of the ten most expensive universities are located in London, with the other two being in Oxford. Guess it’s a lot less Oxford Brookes and a lot more Oxford Brokes.

Cambridge only loses out on transport – paying £39 as opposed to Oxford’s £33.

Abertary University in Dundee is the cheapest in the rankings, costing only £15,880 a year.

Maybe we should all just move to Scotland and have done with it.