Deliveroo is bringing Cambridge students free food throughout Freshers’ Week

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Student budgets are as pressing as ever, not least because students spend on average £20 a week on their grocery shop, of which let’s be honest, Cantabs are buying more gin than nutrients.

The food delivery app Deliveroo, which has enjoyed huge success over recent years, is bringing free food to Cambridge students over the next three days.


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Deliveroo is targeting some of the biggest and most central colleges: Trinity, John’s, Jesus, King’s, Catz, Caius and Christ’s.

Deliveroo are teaming up with the Cambridge restaurant Smokeworks – one of the UK’s top 10 BBQ restaurants – and Rey’s Chicken, which serves, you guessed it, chicken.

Much food, very happy

Much food, very happy

Speaking to The Tab, Francesco Loy Bell said: “It’s nice to be able to meet different Freshers from loads of colleges, and offer something that we wish we’d had when we started Cambridge.”

Food is being delivered to all years at random, so if you’re lucky enough to hear a knock at your door you’ll end up enjoying a free meal.