cambridge freshers

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Advice from a messy drunk

How to drink safer

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Summer sum up

The hottest news of the season

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We asked you what your worst essay comments were

“No one cares about your introduction”

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A Very Short Introduction To Sex At Cambridge

First you got in, now it’s time to get down.

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My Guilt(y) Pleasures

Basics cam has turned me into the antichrist

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The Tab’s Guide to Interior Design

How to beautify your freshers’ room!

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How to spot a thesp

In case you’d ever miss one…

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A freshers’ guide to Cambridge theatre

*disclaimer* does not include Pinter’s blessing

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Mastering matriculation

A step-by-step guide to making the most of the occasion

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Queering Cambridge, one play at a time

My little gay heart wants more drama.

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The trials and tribulations of 2017’s freshers

In a storm of matriculation, college admin and VKs, friends are made and legends are born.

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It’s not a Cambridge pres without…

Pass me the aux cord

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To Union or not to Union- that is the £150 question

Will you succumb to the incessant fresher group posting

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The hellhole that is Cambridge LinkedIn

Abandon Faith All Ye Who Enter Here

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Dating apps have destroyed love

In the words of Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it? Not very much.

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Bursting the bubble

In defence of escaping

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QUIZ: Which Cambridge night out are you?

Answer these questions and uncover your true self…

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When the going gets tough, the tough take a gap year

Will I survive the year in Italy, stay tuned folks…

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Edging the truth to look edgier

We’ve all done it, is it helpful?

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A letter to my fresher self

Now I’m feeling a little older and wiser.