EXCLUSIVE: Footlights Tour Show – Preview

We caught up with the cast and crew before Tuesday’s debut

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The Footlights International Show Tour, Lagoon, opens at the ADC on Tuesday 7 June.

Famous for being famous, and on occasion actually funny, the pressure is on the group to pull it out of the bag and entertain us all. Only time will tell if this comedic batch will touch the illustrious heights of Fry and Laurie, Mel and Sue and Dick and Dom.

Keen to check up on how things were going in preparation for the Cambridge run and the world tour, we noticed that this year’s publicity team had resorted to posting pictures of themselves underwater on Facebook and retweeting stock images of actual, literal lagoons on the show’s Twitter page. Iceland, nice.

Clutching at straws? Who’s clutching at straws?

So, in keeping with this theme, and in an exciting Tab exclusive, we asked some of the writers, performers and crew; “What would you most likely go diving for?”*

Here are a range of their entirely spontaneous answers:

Robert Oldham: “Is that some kind of smutty euphemism?”

Guy Emanuel: “I’m probably most likely to go diving in order to obtain my beginner diving qualification. That’s just the first step though, with that under my belt, I could go diving for anything really. Although I’d probably go for my intermediate diving qualification next.”

Sarah Creedy-Smith:“My dignity. It’s where I left it after that photoshoot.”

The exceedingly dignified Rob Oldham (Credit: Jordan Mitchell)

Tom Fairbairn: “I don’t dive FOR anything. I just dive.”

Dillon Mapletoft: “Peer pressure. Maybe? Does that make me not sound like a dick?” (AN: No.)

Lizzie Hibbert: “Buried treasure, because I’m an unemployed arts graduate.”

Sam Grabiner: “Alex Cartlidge.”

Next week: Footlights – All Washed Up? (Credit: Jordan Mitchell)

Come for a leisurely dip in the Lagoon from 7 June at the ADC. No swimming skill needed.

*Many were doing actual, literal exams at the time and had very little to say on the matter / didn’t give a shit.